17 February

Do I now have Verizon-Envy? Verizon Unveils Unlimited Voice Plan for $99

I never thought I would say this… but I officially have Verizon envy.

Don’t get me wrong – I love my Blackberry Curve, AT&T has great customer service and, in the bay area, the service is consistently good….

BUT – AT&T is ridiculously expensive. Compare the voice, data and sms packages to T-Mobile and other carriers and it’s rather sickening. And while T-Mobile has great prices, their service in the bay area is spotty to say the least… leaving me with AT&T for the last four years. But now Verizon has unveiled an unlimited voice plan for $99 / month and that makes me start to wonder what it would take to move my business over.

My three biggest priorities in choosing a carrier:
1) reliability of service
2) cost
3) flexibility (I despise two-year contracts and would pay a premium for freedom)

I’ll wait to see if AT&T gets competitive… but have already started thinking about what a switch would entail.