19 September

Introducing ESPN’s SportsCenter Feed

I am very excited to announce a new, beta product from ESPN: The SportsCenter Feed. It is all of your sports news personalized, real-time, and presented in a feed format. On a daily basis, there are 1,000s of pieces of ESPN content – articles, scores,videos, podcasts, Facebook & Twitter posts, etc. The SC Feed is a new way to deliver and consume that. I know it’s powerful because – even as someone inside of ESPN – the Feed has introduced me to great, unique content I otherwise would have missed.

Please give it a spin at http://espn.com/scfeed and send your feedback. Much more is coming… but this is a great, exciting first step!

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PandoDaily: ESPN Launches Personalized SportsCenter Feed Web App, Proves It Just Gets Digital
AllThingsD: ESPN Takes a Design Page From Twitter’s Playbook

You can find a link to the feed on beneath the headlines module on the right side of the homepage:

And here is the SC Feed itself. It is designed to work responsively for mobile and tablet view as well. And don’t forget to Add to Homescreen!