A few months ago, Nintendo and YouTube literally shook up the digital ad world with their Experiece the Wii ad/video. It's awesome. 4,500,000 video views aren't too shabby either. Today, Apple did something similar by running their iPod Touch ad on Yahoo Games front-door. It's the same ad that has been running on television for quite some time... but it behaves much like the Wii video: changing the rest of Yahoo's page as the iPod shifts, tilts, and so forth.

I love these ads - far more entertaining and interactive than traditional banner units. Again - the Wii video was viewed 4.5 million times and was discussed, shared and analyzed on countless blogs / sources.

The real questions are: - how difficult is it to produce these sorts of units and integrate them into the publisher's site? - consequently, how scalable does this become? - and what sorts of CPM lifts do they provide. If Yahoo typically fetches $5 CPMs for that size unit, is this $10? $20? $50?

iPod Touch Yahoo Ad iPod Touch Yahoo Ad iPod Touch Yahoo Ad

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