29 October

ESPN’s Grantland & Bill Simmons Show How Publisher Networks Can & Should Leverage Twitter

I’ve written a fair amount about how publishers should be better leveraging Twitter, Facebook Subscribe, and social products… and even tailored it to verticals like sports.

24 December

My Favorite Products of 2014: From Applications to Gadgets

My Favorite Products of 2014: From Applications to Gadgets

For the past several years, I have used December to write about my favorite products, digital habits, etc. And here again is my annual list of things I habitually use, love and rely on. There are obviously many, many other great products, apps, tools and gadgets – some fun and others meaningfully important to tech […]

8 September

A Few to Follow on Twitter

I am frequently asked to recommend a handful of ESPN personalities and brands to follow on Twitter. So that I could have something to point to – below is a far-from-comprehensive list that includes a variety of sports, opinions and types. Additionally, I am excited to announce an integration with Twitter using their new Twitter […]

17 February

Grantland, HBO & Kenny Powers Team Up: Great Integrated Marketing

This is a fun, effective example of integrated / co-marketing done right. Grantland is ESPN’s new sports and pop-culture media hub (led by Bill Simmons). To simply sum up Grantland: it is a robust blog with great daily content and it is ad-supported – but the ads are premium (1-2 per page and from just […]

22 August

Why Twitter Images Is Important (Screenshot)

Twitter recently rolled out their native image product (with other media types apparently on the way). It’s a simple integration that makes a ton of sense from a product perspective… particularly for Twitter mobile.

3 April

My Response to Mark Cuban’s: Does ESPN.com Have a Twitter Problem?

Whether you are a sports fan or work in media, Mark Cuban’s “Does ESPN.com have a Twitter problem?” is a relevant, good read. Cuban argues that ESPN is struggling with social media because their writers generally do not have big followings and the company hasn’t figured out how to effectively monetize the platform (like most […]

28 February

Adam Carolla’s Podcast: 1M Downloads… Radio, XM Officially Dead?

Last week, Adam Carolla transitioned from national radio talk show host. His contract with CBS prevents him from returning to radio (supposedly through 2009) – and in exchange, he is paid handsomely in the meantime. So Adam Carolla decided started a podcast – launching it last week. It had over 1,000,000 downloads… a staggering number:

12 March

ESPN Knows Online – ESPN360 and ESPN Podcasts

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I think ESPN and their online efforts go overlooked – mostly because they are so dominant on television and radio. But I have been *very* impressed with their online efforts recently: Podcasts: The have the best podcasts on iTunes – by quantity and quality. ESPN podcasts are updated daily. Production quality is high. In my […]