23 September

Apple’s Passbook, Dunkin Donuts & Facebook Offers

An example of the potential power of Apple’s new Passbook for: Brands (here Dunkin Donuts) Platforms (here Facebook / Facebook Offers) Consumers (simplicity, speed)

25 April

Dunkin Donuts Promotional Facebook Timeline Page

I’ve written a few times about Dunkin Donut’s clever use of their Facebook fan page to spotlight fans and drive on-Facebook promotion. Dunkin Donuts would reward fans each week with a spotlight in their Facebook Profile Picture – to win, users would upload photos of themselves drinking coffee and tagging @Dunkin in the photo.

2 December

Dunkin Donuts Uses Maurice to Drive Facebook Tab Clicks

So much of the best content on branded Facebook Fan Pages is within custom tabs – which most fans fail to recognize and click. Dunkin Donuts (who always does a great job with their social media campaigns) has a clever solution: use the Facebook logo to drive viewers / fans to the click the special […]

13 November

The Economy Boosting McDonalds, Dunkin Donuts; Hurting Starbucks

Unlike many regular coffee drinkers, I actually quite like Starbucks. I plan to write further about this, but Starbucks is innovative, open to consumer feedback (hence the Pikes Place brew) and make consistently good coffee. I written many times though that I prefer Dunkin Donuts – in part due to the pricing. One outcome of […]

18 February

Until Dunkin Donuts Opens Up in San Francisco (or California for that matter)…

I still believe there is a ton of money to be made by bringing Dunkin Donuts out to California (there are enough east coast transplants in LA, San Jose and San Francisco)… but until someone pulls together enough money to do so, I will continue to use the only resource better than Amazon – my […]

5 July

Dunkin’ Donuts Aren’t in California… Yet?

It’s July 4th weekend and I’m in Cape Cod… which means that I’ve now enjoyed several Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffees and wondered why the only DD coffee I can enjoy in California is brewed at home. Every day, my blog gets a fair amount of traffic coming from Google for search terms like: – Dunkin […]

19 July

Amex + Facebook Likes + Social Graph

This is powerful. And it happens to showcase my favorite brand, Dunkin Donuts… so of course I had to share it:

15 May

Facebook Enables Photo Tagging For Pages. Some Marketing Opportunities.

Facebook quietly released an important product update for marketers and page-owners: the ability to tag images with pages (in addition to people). It’s a simple update / change – but very meaningful and, in the short term, probably introduces an immediate first-mover opportunity for marketers.

17 September

(un)Attractive Foursquare Mayor Offers

Traveling this week, I checked into Boston’s Logan Airport on Foursquare. I noticed that a special ‘local offer’ existed. Hoping it was discounted Dunkin Donuts coffee, I took a look and uncovered one of that strangest Foursquare Mayor Offers I have seen:

12 March

Follow McDonalds on Facebook, Are you Sure?

Several social media best practices – particularly on Facebook – come from big consumer brands: Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, Rockstar, Vitamin Water, etc. McDonalds is arguably the biggest brand, but…. Go to McDonalds.com and notice prominent links to follow them on Facebook and Twitter. There is more real estate dedicated to each of these than, for […]

6 December

My Proudest Day as a Blogger

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If you read this blog enough, you surely know that I love Dunkin Donuts (both their iced coffee and use of social media). The above Dunkin Donuts Twitter post was in response to my “Dunkin Donuts Uses Maurice to Drive Facebook Tab Clicks“

22 August

Blue Bottle Cafe & Restaurants using Twitter & Facebook

If you live in San Francisco and love coffee, you likely know about Blue Bottle Cafe – it is arguably the best coffee in the city, has a rabid fanbase and was made famous by the New York Times piece, “At last, a $20,000 cup of coffee“. Blue Bottle has started dipping its toes in […]