24 January

Twitter’s In the River Module for User Messaging

Facebook is the king of in-the-river promotions – perhaps because they roll out so many new features, promotions, toggles, etc and it’s the most effective way to alert users of changes.

14 May

Facebook Offers In The River Promotion

Two trends within Facebook that I have written frequently about: – Facebook Offers: which has morphed from a Groupon-like platform to an extension of their sponsored ad format

28 March

Flipboard: In the River Promotion, From iPad to iPhone?

I write a lot about targeted marketing – which means effecting messaging your users at the right moment and in the right place. I use the term “in the river marketing” to describe it. Here is a great example by Flipboard – a master at mobile design.

23 March

Sparrow, Mobile: In the River Promotion

I frequently write about two ongoing themes: 1. the importance of “in the river marketing” (reaching targeted users at relevant points in the product / experience)

16 September

In the River with Twitter Images & Facebook Messenger

A post I drafted a few weeks ago and never published… better late than never (I think!) Two good examples of In the River promotions for two new, relatively off-stream product launches:

26 August

Groupon’s Post Purchase Prompts. As “In the River” as it Gets.

Great example of “in the river” promotion by Groupon (one of the very best at conversions and promotions). It doesn’t more “in the river” than the post-purchase screen… and it doesn’t distract the user during the purchase / flow.

16 June

Google Maps: Mobile, HTML5, “Desktop” Icons & In the River Promotions.

As Google continues to focus on HTML5 mobile experiences (and do it very well), they have to think about systematically driving usage… which, for mobile, requires ‘desktop’ real estate.

18 February

Google Voice & GMail – More ‘In the River’ Marketing

I write a lot about product marketing and the concept of

13 January

Huffington Post, Google Promote Chrome Application ‘In the River’

I write a lot about the importance of marketing and promoting “in the river” – my terminology for engaging users in the most specific and relevant experiences / locations. This concept is increasingly important new platforms (software and hardware) emerge and as those experiences consequently change. Just the other day I wrote about how Evernote […]

14 November

Two More Examples of “In the River” Promotions: Google & Yelp

Have you gotten sick of my writing about getting your marketing and product promotions “in the river”? “In the river” is my terminology for making sure that messages are delivered inside the core experience and to the respective audience. We used the term frequently at eBay to make sure that products weren’t fully integrated into […]

13 January

Manny is Psyched to Play Philip Rivers

Manny had an active weekend – running on the Embarcadero in his Patriots jersey, enjoying a big victory against the Jaguars, and then roaming around Aquatic Park and Fort Mason early this morning. I agree with Manny – today’s Chargers vs. Colts game couldn’t have gone better for Patriots fans: the two teams played a […]

11 December

Facebook Gifts, Reminiscent of Facebook Offers

Three things to note about Facebook Gifts: 1. Fascinating – and yet powerful – that the only promotion of Facebook Gifts is within the birthday alerts. It’s the definition of “in the river” marketing and promotion.