6 May

Microsoft Deal Strategy from 2009-2012: Yahoo, Nokia, Skype, Nook.

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This is the front page of Tuesday May 1st’s Wall Street Journal. It’s a well done graphic overlaying Microsoft’s big-dollar entrances into “markets where it lags behind rivals”:

3 May

Facebook Roadshow: Advertising Revenue by Product Extension

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to watch the Facebook IPO Roadshow video. It’s fascinating and well done. There is a ton in there worth discussing / pointing out, but I wanted to highlight one of my favorite screens (shown below):

3 May

The Verge’s Mobile Navigation Sidebar

I admire how much The Verge (by Vox Media) has bushed the boundaries on content presentation / visualization. For a blog-like content hub, The Verge looks entirely unlike it’s peers: TechCrunch, VentureBeat, Engadget, etc. It’s one part traditional blog, one part Pinterest, and one part Flipboard. Where it really shines is mobile – specifically iPad.

2 May

Facebook’s Recently Used Apps Module & The Larger Relationship with App Ecosystem

Last week I wrote about Facebook’s newsfeed clustering of posts published by the same applications. While it is interesting as a signal of the newsfeed’s evolution – it is represents the larger theme of Facebook relationship, promotion, and integration of applications (and the larger application ecosystem). Obviously Facebook has always been supportive of the ecosystem […]

30 April

Jetsetter + Pinterest: “Pin It to Win It” Contest Drives Travel Curation

With the rise of Pinterest, I have enjoyed tracking the brands and campaigns racing to leverage the platform and be early movers. For instance, a couple weeks ago, I highlighted Harrod’s Pinterest / curator contest.

27 April

Klout’s Clever Use of iOS’s App & Badge Icons

I talk about Klout all the time and encourage marketers to integrate / leverage the service as a way to engage quality users & customers. This has implications for advertising, customer service, product experience, etc.

26 April

Facebook Trending Articles Module

The below screenshots show a new module in Facebook newsfeed: “Trending Articles”. It is a clustering of popular posts based on Open Graph actions of similar types (in this case “read” articles).

25 April

Dunkin Donuts Promotional Facebook Timeline Page

I’ve written a few times about Dunkin Donut’s clever use of their Facebook fan page to spotlight fans and drive on-Facebook promotion. Dunkin Donuts would reward fans each week with a spotlight in their Facebook Profile Picture – to win, users would upload photos of themselves drinking coffee and tagging @Dunkin in the photo.

24 April

Facebook’s Homepage Real Estate

Ever look at Facebook’s homepage and think about the ratio of content to advertisement? It’s easy to overlook it because the feed itself is infinite. But the new page layout combined with the new ad formats (Sponsored posts now appear atop the feed and below the ticker) – represent a very significant portion of the […]

18 April

Amazon’s New Footer a Reminder of Amazon’s Focus on Verticalization & Digital Avenues

Amazon has been rolling out a redesign over the last couple months. I have discussed the homepage’s new navigation and promotional units. One small, interesting note is their new footer (shown below).

17 April

Amazon’s New Layout, New Merchandising

Amazon’s redesign is much cleaner… and grayer than before. It also is more focused on promoting their new categories.

12 April

Facebook Now Clustering by Posted From Shared Applications

We have seen three product moves from Facebook: 1. clustering of posts by topic 2. clustering of posts by type 3. promotion of applications (rather than just content)