31 May

Announcing PostRocket.

Last week we announced an investment in Spindle. Today, I am excited to an investment in another seed-stage, Dogpatch Labs, social media company: PostRocket. PostRocket optimizes Facebook content for brand and page owners. It’s a problem those users know too well: 1,000s of fans – often $1,000s of dollars spent – and yet only a […]

30 May

Amazon’s New, Expanding Navigational Menu

I have covered Amazon’s navigational menus before (here, here, here and here). This is yet another update to Amazon’s navigational menu:

24 May

Twitter iOS Integration, Contacts

I love that Twitter is baked directly into iOS…. but could be so much more – and I’ve written about that from the launch (example here). My primary frustration is that the integration doesn’t do enough with my contact list – which remains the most accurate, important social network. Furthermore, Twitter uses aliases – and […]

22 May

Announcing Spindle.

It’s a bold vision: “build the discovery engine for hte social web”… and that’s precisely what excites us about Spindle. Based in Cambridge, MA and started in Dogpatch Labs, Spindle aims to deliver actionable information and news that you wouldn’t have found otherwise… using location, real-time data and your social and interest graphs.

22 May

Call Elmo Facetime iPhone App is Simply Genius

A very quick post to highlight the Call Elmo iPhone app because it is absolutely terrific and genius. The application essentially mocks the Facetime experience – but instead of a friend calling, Elmo calls. And once you pick up the call, your face appears in a mini-screen – just like Facetime. It’s brilliant in its […]

21 May

Next Generation NikeID Goes Beyond Colors: Patterns & Logos

I spend a lot of time writing about next generation commerce… and we invest in compelling companies and models like ShoeDazzle and Wantful (as examples). For years, people have pointed towards NikeID as an example of true product customization atop a great web interface.

17 May

Amazon Local Deals, Now Promoted Within Amazon Deals

It’s old news that big players like Google, Facebook and Amazon have (and continue to…) tried their hand at the local / deals space. To be successful, each has to figure out how to make the crowded space and somewhat commoditized consumer experience work within their brand. Facebook, for instance, has turned Facebook Deals into […]

16 May

Facebook Launches Mobile Friend Finder, Overtakes Mobile App

Below is a series of screenshots from within the Facebook iOS app that allows users to match their Facebook friends against their iPhone Contacts: “Find Friends on Facebook: Choose contacts on your phone to add as friends on Facebook.” It’s a basic concept – but it’s tremendously powerful since your mobile contact list is really […]

15 May

Nike Basketball’s Beautiful Facebook Timeline In Time for NBA Playoffs

Just a terrific, creative and well-timed use of the Facebook Timeline by Nike Basketball. Coinciding with the NBA Playoffs – and a handful of new sneakers for top stars like Lebron James, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant – Nike Basketball is releasing a series of basketball rules: “Every EPIC moment has a story. And every […]

14 May

Facebook Offers In The River Promotion

Two trends within Facebook that I have written frequently about: – Facebook Offers: which has morphed from a Groupon-like platform to an extension of their sponsored ad format

10 May

Amazon Brings All 7 Harry Potter Books to Kindle Lending Club

This is pretty significant news out of Amazon: all seven Harry Potter books are now available in the Kindle Lending Club. It is the all-time bestselling book series and is a testament to Amazon’s willingness to put marketing muscle behind Kindle and the Lending Club. And considering the reach and popularity of the Harry Potter […]

9 May

NYTimes Mobile Paywall

Not a ton to say here except that: – I reached the New York Times paywall – And it is visually very bold / intrusive