10 May

Amazon Brings All 7 Harry Potter Books to Kindle Lending Club

This is pretty significant news out of Amazon: all seven Harry Potter books are now available in the Kindle Lending Club. It is the all-time bestselling book series and is a testament to Amazon’s willingness to put marketing muscle behind Kindle and the Lending Club. And considering the reach and popularity of the Harry Potter […]

9 May

NYTimes Mobile Paywall

Not a ton to say here except that: – I reached the New York Times paywall – And it is visually very bold / intrusive

8 May


I haven’t logged into Google Plus in a little, so I cannot tell if this is a new feature or a result of my infrequent usage – nevertheless, I was taken aback by Google’s new Trending on Google+ module… which looks exactly like Twitter’s. While it is interesting to see that the topics are related […]

7 May

Jetsetter’s Email Preference Flow

Email unsubscribe flows are typically binary: either super simple to unsubscribe (how it should be) or super convoluted (having to uncheck preferences, confirm email addresses, etc). This is a clever flow by Jetsetter because it is in fact super simple (just one click)… but it gently ‘upsells’ users: “How about just one email a month?”

6 May

Microsoft Deal Strategy from 2009-2012: Yahoo, Nokia, Skype, Nook.

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This is the front page of Tuesday May 1st’s Wall Street Journal. It’s a well done graphic overlaying Microsoft’s big-dollar entrances into “markets where it lags behind rivals”:

3 May

Facebook Roadshow: Advertising Revenue by Product Extension

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to watch the Facebook IPO Roadshow video. It’s fascinating and well done. There is a ton in there worth discussing / pointing out, but I wanted to highlight one of my favorite screens (shown below):

3 May

The Verge’s Mobile Navigation Sidebar

I admire how much The Verge (by Vox Media) has bushed the boundaries on content presentation / visualization. For a blog-like content hub, The Verge looks entirely unlike it’s peers: TechCrunch, VentureBeat, Engadget, etc. It’s one part traditional blog, one part Pinterest, and one part Flipboard. Where it really shines is mobile – specifically iPad.

2 May

Facebook’s Recently Used Apps Module & The Larger Relationship with App Ecosystem

Last week I wrote about Facebook’s newsfeed clustering of posts published by the same applications. While it is interesting as a signal of the newsfeed’s evolution – it is represents the larger theme of Facebook relationship, promotion, and integration of applications (and the larger application ecosystem). Obviously Facebook has always been supportive of the ecosystem […]

30 April

Jetsetter + Pinterest: “Pin It to Win It” Contest Drives Travel Curation

With the rise of Pinterest, I have enjoyed tracking the brands and campaigns racing to leverage the platform and be early movers. For instance, a couple weeks ago, I highlighted Harrod’s Pinterest / curator contest.

27 April

Klout’s Clever Use of iOS’s App & Badge Icons

I talk about Klout all the time and encourage marketers to integrate / leverage the service as a way to engage quality users & customers. This has implications for advertising, customer service, product experience, etc.

26 April

Facebook Trending Articles Module

The below screenshots show a new module in Facebook newsfeed: “Trending Articles”. It is a clustering of popular posts based on Open Graph actions of similar types (in this case “read” articles).

25 April

Dunkin Donuts Promotional Facebook Timeline Page

I’ve written a few times about Dunkin Donut’s clever use of their Facebook fan page to spotlight fans and drive on-Facebook promotion. Dunkin Donuts would reward fans each week with a spotlight in their Facebook Profile Picture – to win, users would upload photos of themselves drinking coffee and tagging @Dunkin in the photo.