7 February

People Search for the Strangest Things…

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I’ve written before how much I love SlimStat and Mint before. They provide real-time insight’s to how users interact with your website… and user behaviors in general. I can watch and refresh the logs for minutes on end. It’s fascinating (especially for bigger sites with large amounts of content). How else would I know that […]

6 February

Widgetbox Releases New Get Widget Menu

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Press “Get Widget” to see the new menu. I’m obviously biased – but I love the new UI, functionality and menu interactions. Play around with it and give feedback!

6 February

beRecruited Partners with ESPN on NCAA’s National Signing Day

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Over the last couple years, NCAA Football’s National Signing Day has become a big business. ESPN aired all-day coverage on ESPNU and ESPN2. Online, ESPN simulcast the entire broadcast on ESPN Video and reported real-time via ESPN.com and ESPN Insider (have I mentioned enough properties?!). This was the perfect day for beRecruited to team up […]

5 February

NewYorkTimes.com Homepage is the Best Way to Get Election Coverage, Primary Results

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The New York Times remains the most web savvy newspaper and their coverage of Super Tuesday is phenomenal. Simple, direct and easy to digest. It updates every couple minutes and visually is a mix between Facebook and Digg. I love it.

5 February

More Proof That Blu Ray Destroyed HD DVD

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Need yet another reason to buy a PS3 and convert to Blu Ray? Here is more proof that Blu Ray has won the HD format and that HD DVD is just about dead. Here is the latest list of recently-released-movies from High Def Digest, a terrific site that reviews both formats of high def movies […]

5 February

Designing a Great Search Box – Yahoo & Chickipedia are Great

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The search box is often overlooked despite being such a critical launching point for the user experience. The search box shouldn’t necessarily be an afterthought. Whether it is in the header or footer, it should be inviting, large enough to house a full query, and be visually enticing. There are a lot of ways to […]

5 February

A Couple Thoughts on Twitter and Twitter’s Google Super Tuesday MashUp

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I’ve written before about Twitter and how I wonder about their longevity considering that I NEVER visit Twitter.com. A couple thoughts since that post: 1) Twitter has been down a lot recently (and it’s gotten a ton of blog coverage). Twitter is still not working with Gtalk and I therefore haven’t gotten any updates for […]

4 February

iTunes, Apple Demonstrate how NOT to do Behavioral Targetting

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… And it makes me even more depressed. After last night’s horrible Super Bowl, I received the below email from iTunes: “Because you’ve downloaded sports videos, audiobooks, or podcasts from iTunes in the past, we thought you’d like to know that you can now download highlights, analysis, and more from Super Bowl XLII.” If they […]

1 February

My Xobni Love Affair is Sadly Over as it Doesn’t Play Nice with my Blackberry

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I’ve written before about how innovative and useful Xobni is (and can be). I’ve also written a great deal about how important the mobile net and connectivity are to me. Apparently the two don’t coexist very well (as of now). My Blackberry has been unable to connect and sync via the Blackberry Desktop software (version […]

1 February

Microsoft Makes Unsolicited Bid to Acquire Yahoo

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I spoke too soon. Last night I posted about the plight of big tech stocks in 2008. I left off Microsoft from the Tech stocks and also from the video games sites – not expecting that they would potentially change the tech landscape in a matter of hours. After a long night in the office […]

1 February

January 2008, Cruel to Tech Stocks and Video Game Stocks

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Today’s weak earnings announcement by Google capped a very difficult month for big-name tech stocks (Google coverage at Cnet, TechTrader and GigaOm). The volatility of each stock is remarkable considering the short time-frame and that each company experienced large swings in both directions. The tech chart looks a lot like that of the video game […]

31 January

Ironic that Kijiji is Advertising via Adsense Here…