3 November

Reflecting on Dogpatch Labs, Two Years In: 350+ Companies, $140m in Funding.

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As we build out Dogpatch Labs Palo Alto and meet with potential residents, we have had the opportunity to reflect on Dogpatch Labs… which is now a little more than years old. Credit for this exercise should be given to Dave Barrett (blog here, twitter here) who wrote a great, thorough piece on BostonInnovation.com and […]

2 November

Google Chrome Better Promoting Chrome Apps

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Google has rolled out a new Chrome homepage that allows users to toggle between “most visited” websites and Chrome Applications. It also creates a navigational panel at the page’s footer.

31 October

Facebook Rolls Out Subscribe to Comments. Improves Product and Promotes the Still-Hard-To-Find Subscribe Feature.

Facebook has begun integrating their new Subscribe functionality into Facebook Comments. It includes a small subscribe link next to each commenter’s name / icon that allows in-line subscription. That does a few things:

30 October

Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader

Amazon finds a promotional ad unit they like… and they stick to it. I’ve written before about Amazon effectively selling the “buy / create once, access anywhere” tagline. It’s simple and it speaks to:

29 October

ESPN’s Grantland & Bill Simmons Show How Publisher Networks Can & Should Leverage Twitter

I’ve written a fair amount about how publishers should be better leveraging Twitter, Facebook Subscribe, and social products… and even tailored it to verticals like sports.

27 October

With $75m of Credit Card Debt Being Tracked, ReadyForZero Expands Product – Servicing Student Loan Debts, Mortages, etc

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A big, important and timely update by ReadyForZero (note: portfolio company). With over $75,000,000 of credit card debts already being tracked and managed in their system, ReadyForZero today expanded their product to service other debts – including student loans, mortgages, etc.

26 October

HBO Go: Delightful, Albeit Inefficient, Exploration. And That’s Fine By Me.

Below is a screenshot of HBO Go’s iPad App. It’s gorgeous, fun and highly dynamic. It represents the shift of paid content to mobile: HBO Go, ESPN Watch, Netflix, Hulu, etc.

25 October

Twitter Search May Surprise You

Notice anything about the below screenshot of a Twitter search? Only two of the tweets actually contain the search query (“Peyton Hillis”)…. but all of the returned tweets are relevant and discuss “Peyton Hillis” on the linked landing page. This obviously means that:

24 October

Siri, Why Aren’t You Connecting?

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Speed and computing power are the major iPhone 4S upgrade. But Siri is the real innovation and marketing ‘sexiness’.

23 October

Make Your Mobile App Ads Actionable!

More and more ad units promote mobile content and applications. And I get more and more frustrated as those units are not actionable…. it’s a complicated task: 1. drive mobile activity from different web sources, including non-mobile traffic 2. promote mobile apps that are on different platforms… despite users coming from different sources / platforms […]

21 October

Groupon’s IPO Slideshow

I encourage you to read through Groupon’s roadshow presentation that TechCrunch posted today. I find the last two slides most interesting: the future of Groupon as a product and what it means for growth trajectory. From the chart, Groupon clearly is betting that new product (Groupon 2.0) will energize a decelerating growth plan (Groupon 1.0). […]

20 October

The Facebook Ticker: Take Advantage of It

This is how I have been finding news articles (Facebook + Washington Post Social Reader). And this is how I have been finding new music albums (Facebook + Spotify).