23 October

Make Your Mobile App Ads Actionable!

More and more ad units promote mobile content and applications. And I get more and more frustrated as those units are not actionable…. it’s a complicated task: 1. drive mobile activity from different web sources, including non-mobile traffic 2. promote mobile apps that are on different platforms… despite users coming from different sources / platforms […]

21 October

Groupon’s IPO Slideshow

I encourage you to read through Groupon’s roadshow presentation that TechCrunch posted today. I find the last two slides most interesting: the future of Groupon as a product and what it means for growth trajectory. From the chart, Groupon clearly is betting that new product (Groupon 2.0) will energize a decelerating growth plan (Groupon 1.0). […]

20 October

The Facebook Ticker: Take Advantage of It

This is how I have been finding news articles (Facebook + Washington Post Social Reader). And this is how I have been finding new music albums (Facebook + Spotify).

19 October

Facebook’s Bud Light Ad Unit: A Mini Fan Page

Almost exactly two years ago, Facebook introduced a series of new ad units around gifting, polling, liking, etc. Two years later, here is a view of the new Facebook Bud Light campaign – which is an expanded unit and includes several social functions…. think of it as a miniaturized fan page: the unit contains / […]

16 October

From Seed to Series A: Understanding the “Cash Crunch” Discussion

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Note: this post originally appeared on TechCrunch: Startups, Seed Funding, And Avoiding Empty Pockets (October 13, 2011). I have reposted it here.

12 October

Why It’s Easier to Start Up Today… Than Ever Before.

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Forbes spotlighted LegalZoom earlier in the week: “Silicon Valley Sees Gold In Internet Legal Services” (a Polaris Ventures backed company).

11 October

Most Important Feature of Facebook for iPad, iPhone: “Apps”

The most important part about Facebook’s new iOS apps that they unveiled yesterday? For starters, the app actually works and I had given up using Facebook for iPhone (which failed 90+% of the time.

10 October

Most Important Part of iPhone 4S Announcement: iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 Pricing.

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When Amazon announced the new Kindle product line and the $199 Kindle Fire – I declared that Amazon did more than introduce a disruptive product… they changed the non-iPad market with remarkably disrupitive pricing:

6 October

11 Ways to Usher the NFL, NBA, MLB into the New Web

I am a sports nut. That shouldn’t be news if you follow me here or on Twitter / Facebook. I also spend my professional life on the web and looking at new technologies. In part because it is fun to think about – and in part due to personal frustrations – I’ll put those two […]

5 October

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This is Apple’s homepage. What a terrific, powerful tribute to one of the most visionary, influential and lasting leaders in our lifetime. In some way or another, he has touched and inspired all of us. And for so many, Jobs (and Apple) can be credited for empowering their company, inspiring its launch, and/or motivating us […]

5 October

As the Web Gets Busier, Designs Leverage In-Line ‘Blooms’ (Facebook As Example)

If you’ve spent time with the new Facebook layout, you will notice how much the interface now leverages in-line expansions (I like to call them ‘blooms’). Blooms are when a click prompts an in-line, expanded unit rather than a new pageview. I attribute this trend to two things:

2 October

Amazon Kindle Fire: $199. RIM Playbook: $299 after 40% Discount.

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There are several reasons why Amazon’s new Kindle Fire – and the larger Kindle line – is disruptive (my take here).