5 October

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This is Apple’s homepage. What a terrific, powerful tribute to one of the most visionary, influential and lasting leaders in our lifetime. In some way or another, he has touched and inspired all of us. And for so many, Jobs (and Apple) can be credited for empowering their company, inspiring its launch, and/or motivating us […]

5 October

As the Web Gets Busier, Designs Leverage In-Line ‘Blooms’ (Facebook As Example)

If you’ve spent time with the new Facebook layout, you will notice how much the interface now leverages in-line expansions (I like to call them ‘blooms’). Blooms are when a click prompts an in-line, expanded unit rather than a new pageview. I attribute this trend to two things:

2 October

Amazon Kindle Fire: $199. RIM Playbook: $299 after 40% Discount.

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There are several reasons why Amazon’s new Kindle Fire – and the larger Kindle line – is disruptive (my take here).

30 September

It’s Time for a Facebook Browser, Web App.

More functionality & features often means more business & complexity. And as Facebook continues to roll out features, the experience can be crowded. To Facebook’s credit, the site is remarkably clean considering the long list of features it needs to include. Below is a screenshot of my normal Facebook web experience – and then an […]

29 September

Announcing Dogpatch Labs Palo Alto & Europe

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In early September, we got the unfortunate news that the San Francisco Port Authority was closing Pier 38 (home to Dogpatch Labs San Francisco).

28 September

Amazon’s Kindle Fire: Great Product Page, Free Amazon Prime Trial

Amazon’s $199 tablet, the Kindle Fire, is now available for pre-order. The product page is really terrific: colorful, informative, fun and all on a single page. It’s great:

27 September

Google+ Shared Circles Causes Surge in Followers

Yesterday Google+ created shareable, public circles. And, as power user Robert Scoble suggested, engagement and usage has surged. In less than a day, I’ve had over 1,000 people follow me. That is entirely attributable to the new shared circles which are facilitating easier and more effective ‘findability’.

26 September

Assistant at Core of iPhone 5

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I sometimes share an article on Facebook and Twitter … and despite not having a ton of commentary to add – think it’s worth ‘re-blogging’ (a short snipet and link back). Here is a note from 9to5Mac’s “The New iPhone”: “Expect Assistant, 1GB of RAM, the dual-core A5 processor, Nuance speech-to-text, and an 8 megapixel […]

25 September

8 Quick Thoughts on Facebook’s Big Week.

A handful of quick, disorganized thoughts on Facebook’s announcements / releases this week: Immersive The activity ticker is immersive and really amplifies ‘viral’ potential. I have ‘liked’ (and listened and read and soon to be much watched, etc) so many more ‘things’ because each one of those actions is now viewable & actionable (whereas it […]

21 September

Ahead of Facebook’s F8, Changes Galore Roll Out

Ahead of F8, Facebook has rolled out several changes … which is rather remarkable considering how many updates / features and how significant some are. To do it a couple days ahead of F8 is fascinating because it suggests bigger updates are coming. Tomorrow will be fun.

20 September

“So Far Facebook Has the Best Follower to Click Ratio”, Kevin Rose

I recently touched on the potential importance of Facebook Subscribe, Facebook Subscribe: Opportunity for Publishers & Online Voices… and here is why Subscribe is important and not simply a “me too” product:

20 September

Groupon Aims to Drive Loyalty with Business Awards Flow.

How does Groupon address concerns of loyalty / merchant retention? Build tools directly into the product that allow customers to communicate directly with the merchants. It’s an easy, smart way to connect buyers with sellers – without interrupting either flow. The experience (from the language to the graphics) is very positive (“Award a Business”). I […]