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18 February

Twitter: Want to keep using Twitter on your phone?

Fascinating…. way too early to have intelligent commentary on the Twitter / Uber Twitter developments (see here, here, here), but Twitter’s @Support response is fascinating:

18 February

Google Voice & GMail – More ‘In the River’ Marketing

I write a lot about product marketing and the concept of

17 February

Google’s Android Conveyor Belt

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Watch the below conveyor belt of Android devices and you understand why the platform is growing… and winning. Even though I am an iPhone user (and I love it) – I’d rather bet on the cross-device platform vs. the hardware (with specific operating system). It’s the debate of open vs. closed and this video captures […]

16 February

Redbox’s Smart Movie Promotion Aims to Validate Emails.

Redbox is a service I love, a product that is terrificly done and a business whose future is murky (negative: moving digital and Netflix as a competitor; positive: Netflix as an example of transitioning perfectly). One of underrated components of Redbox is their email interaction with customers… and in some ways, they are similar to […]

14 February

Last Minute Valentines Gift from JibJab

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Need a last minute Valentines Day gift? JibJab has turned their popular Starring You product into the perfect personalized Valentines card. Using Facebook Connect, you can create ‘characters’ simply with their Facebook Photos and then share the result on the recipient’s wall. Example video is below!

13 February

Facebook Announces New Facebook Photos With Hover Promotion.

Perhaps because they are continually rolling out new products and split tests. Perhaps because they are terrific product marketers and designers. And/or perhaps because they need to figure out how to message 600m+ users in efficient, effective ways.

11 February

Lady Gaga Uses Facebook Event to Launch New Single

230,000 have RSVP’d to the debut of Lady Gaga’s new single: Born This Way. Why? In part because it is Lady Gaga (who only trails Justin Bieber in internet popularity) and in part because the viral loop of the Facebook Event promoted directly on and across Facebook.

8 February

Dogpatch Labs Austin for SXSW 2011. Apply Now.

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Polaris Ventures is excited to announce that it will bring its spirit of “open source entrepreneurship” to SXSW 2011, by opening a special edition of Dogpatch Labs. On Sunday March 13 and Monday March 14 Dogpatch Labs Austin will open its doors to entrepreneurs needing a place to work and hang out. DPL Austin will […]

6 February

Post Game, Super Bowl Advertisers Move to Facebook Ads

Earlier I wrote about tech companies advertising during the Super Bowl and how they used the web to promote the campaigns ahead of the game.

6 February

Tech takes to Super Bowl XLV Ads… & Takes them to Web before the Game

Tonight you’ll likely see a handful of tech companies advertising during the Super Bowl (a 30-second spot runs $3,000,000). Techmeme – which is usually filled with tech and gadget news – is headlined by forthcoming ads by Groupon, Living Social, and The Daily. And there will be others…

2 February

Amazon Marketing the Kindle for Valentines Day 2011… with Same Ads as 2010

Since its launch, I have followed Amazon’s Kindle ads and campaigns. Today, you will notice that Amazon is marketing the Kindle for Valentines Day… and if you look back a year ago, you will also notice that the Kindle ads are almost exactly the same.

1 February

Innovating Around the Check-Out Rather than the Check-In

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Couponing is a hot space and companies are finding success from different angels: Groupon for local deals, Foursquare and Facebook for check-in promotions, Shopkick for in-store ‘gaming’, etc. But the reward / redemption remains clunky and, rather than the check-in, we need innovation around the check-out.