28 February

Ravenwood Fair Passes 10m Monthly Users

I’m a sucker for info-graphics… and here is a really good one to help celebrate the success of LOLapp’s Ravenwood Fair social game (note: LOLapps is a Polaris-backed company).

27 February

Thinking About Facebook’s Expanded Like Button

Today Facebook rolled out a rather significant change: the Like button has replaced the Share button’s functionality. It’s an important transition because, at least for me, it has already changed my “liking” behavior. Auto-publishing a story to my wall makes me think differently about the simple action of liking… which I do several times a […]

26 February

Facebook Connect As a Registration & Login Flow

Reading OM’s article “My web without Facebook Connect“, I was reminded of an blog post I recently wrote and regularly reference (“Facebook as a conversion tool: registration flows.“).

24 February

Jibe Launches Mobile App at ‘Launch’ Conference

Polaris-backed company and former Dogpatch Labs resident, Jibe has had a very good couple weeks. As a reminder, Jibe uses Facebook and LinkedIn to better connect job-seekers and employees: ” JIBE connects you to people you already know at companies you want to work for and increases your chances of landing a great job.”

23 February

PokerStars.net Evokes Facebook, YouTube & Twitter in ESPN Ads

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Clever ad from PokerStars.net in the most recent ESPN The Magazine. It certainly grabs your attention with the use of prominent logo / font-types and it evokes the social appeal of online game-play. Furthermore, those logos are recognizable enough that it will attract readers otherwise uninterested in poker (such as myself). And whether or not […]

22 February

Amazon Instant Video Good for Google TV

It was my immediate reaction to hearing that Amazon Instant Video would be available: 1. Will it run on my Google TV? (check)

22 February

Facebook’s Slick Photo Tagging Interface / Interstitial

Facebook Photos continues to roll out new functionality. When uploading pictures yesterday, I noticed a new post-upload flow: “Who’s in these photos?” It is important for a few reasons.

19 February

Techmeme Figuring Out the Blend of Real-Time & Published News.

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I had the following post written and in the my blog’s queue (which is how I usually write / blog)…. and then something happened: Twitter and UberTwitter tussled.

18 February

Twitter: Want to keep using Twitter on your phone?

Fascinating…. way too early to have intelligent commentary on the Twitter / Uber Twitter developments (see here, here, here), but Twitter’s @Support response is fascinating:

18 February

Google Voice & GMail – More ‘In the River’ Marketing

I write a lot about product marketing and the concept of

17 February

Google’s Android Conveyor Belt

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Watch the below conveyor belt of Android devices and you understand why the platform is growing… and winning. Even though I am an iPhone user (and I love it) – I’d rather bet on the cross-device platform vs. the hardware (with specific operating system). It’s the debate of open vs. closed and this video captures […]

16 February

Redbox’s Smart Movie Promotion Aims to Validate Emails.

Redbox is a service I love, a product that is terrificly done and a business whose future is murky (negative: moving digital and Netflix as a competitor; positive: Netflix as an example of transitioning perfectly). One of underrated components of Redbox is their email interaction with customers… and in some ways, they are similar to […]