1 March

Facebook’s Comment System is Important. Here’s why.

Facebook rolled out their long-awaited commenting system today. Like other publishers, I immediately installed it on my blog (just scroll down a little and try it out)… here’s why it’s important:

1 March

Old Navy Commercial + Shazam = Hidden Content

Old Navy is currently running a TV ad that features the song Super C-U-T-E by Audio Threadz (a song and band seemingly created for the campaign). You’ll notice the “Shazam Now” icon that appears in the corner and prompts viewers to use the mobile app to discover who the unknown band is:

28 February

Ravenwood Fair Passes 10m Monthly Users

I’m a sucker for info-graphics… and here is a really good one to help celebrate the success of LOLapp’s Ravenwood Fair social game (note: LOLapps is a Polaris-backed company).

27 February

Thinking About Facebook’s Expanded Like Button

Today Facebook rolled out a rather significant change: the Like button has replaced the Share button’s functionality. It’s an important transition because, at least for me, it has already changed my “liking” behavior. Auto-publishing a story to my wall makes me think differently about the simple action of liking… which I do several times a […]

26 February

Facebook Connect As a Registration & Login Flow

Reading OM’s article “My web without Facebook Connect“, I was reminded of an blog post I recently wrote and regularly reference (“Facebook as a conversion tool: registration flows.“).

24 February

Jibe Launches Mobile App at ‘Launch’ Conference

Polaris-backed company and former Dogpatch Labs resident, Jibe has had a very good couple weeks. As a reminder, Jibe uses Facebook and LinkedIn to better connect job-seekers and employees: ” JIBE connects you to people you already know at companies you want to work for and increases your chances of landing a great job.”

23 February

PokerStars.net Evokes Facebook, YouTube & Twitter in ESPN Ads

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Clever ad from PokerStars.net in the most recent ESPN The Magazine. It certainly grabs your attention with the use of prominent logo / font-types and it evokes the social appeal of online game-play. Furthermore, those logos are recognizable enough that it will attract readers otherwise uninterested in poker (such as myself). And whether or not […]

22 February

Amazon Instant Video Good for Google TV

It was my immediate reaction to hearing that Amazon Instant Video would be available: 1. Will it run on my Google TV? (check)

22 February

Facebook’s Slick Photo Tagging Interface / Interstitial

Facebook Photos continues to roll out new functionality. When uploading pictures yesterday, I noticed a new post-upload flow: “Who’s in these photos?” It is important for a few reasons.

19 February

Techmeme Figuring Out the Blend of Real-Time & Published News.

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I had the following post written and in the my blog’s queue (which is how I usually write / blog)…. and then something happened: Twitter and UberTwitter tussled.

18 February

Twitter: Want to keep using Twitter on your phone?

Fascinating…. way too early to have intelligent commentary on the Twitter / Uber Twitter developments (see here, here, here), but Twitter’s @Support response is fascinating:

18 February

Google Voice & GMail – More ‘In the River’ Marketing

I write a lot about product marketing and the concept of