11 March

Zappos Marketing: Surprises & Delights

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It’s no surprise that Zappos: 1) pays attention to customer service 2) markets to and communicates with customers well

9 March

Mashable’s SXSW Potential Breakout Apps: 3/13 are Dogpatch Labs Companies

As South by Southwest approaches, start-ups are polishing their applications and planning their launch parties. And today Mashable listed the “13 Potential Breakout Apps to Watch at SXSW 2011“. Of the thirteen companies to watch, three are Dogpatchers:

9 March

Overstock Rebrands As O.co

The .co domain is hot… at least from a marketing perspective. GoDaddy and others have run large television campaigns (including during the Super Bowl) to promote the new domain. I have no data to suggest that the .co domains are gaining traction (although I suspect that is not the case).

8 March

Eightbit.me Requires iPhone “Add to Homescreen”. Aggressive & Clever.

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In July, I raved about YouTube’s innovative mobile “Add to Homescreen” promotion. Eightbit.me has gone a step further and actually requires users to “add eightbit to [iPhone] homescreen”. In fact, each time you visit Eightbit.me, you have to add the icon to your phone’s homescreen.

7 March

What mobile apps have been successful without a web component?

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Continuing to post select Quora answers on my blog – you can view them here. A few obvious themes and a couple apps associated with them: – Gaming. Games make up the majority of the most successful paid applications. Examples: Angry Birds, Cut The Rope, Electronic Arts, etc.

6 March

Hiring: I am Guessing It’s a Familiar Topic / Pain

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I apologize for this not being a full blog post – but Twitter’s 140 characters weren’t enough. I need just a little more =) Businessweek’s recent article, Techdom’s Talent Poaching Epidemic, is an important and under-discussed topic. Here is the quick takeaway and my short-hand comments:

6 March

ShoeDazzle a Facebook Commerce, Comments Launch Partner

Earlier in the week, I explained why Facebook Comments are important. Clearly others agree as Facebook announced launch partners for three verticals: commerce, media and sports.

1 March

Facebook’s Comment System is Important. Here’s why.

Facebook rolled out their long-awaited commenting system today. Like other publishers, I immediately installed it on my blog (just scroll down a little and try it out)… here’s why it’s important:

1 March

Old Navy Commercial + Shazam = Hidden Content

Old Navy is currently running a TV ad that features the song Super C-U-T-E by Audio Threadz (a song and band seemingly created for the campaign). You’ll notice the “Shazam Now” icon that appears in the corner and prompts viewers to use the mobile app to discover who the unknown band is:

28 February

Ravenwood Fair Passes 10m Monthly Users

I’m a sucker for info-graphics… and here is a really good one to help celebrate the success of LOLapp’s Ravenwood Fair social game (note: LOLapps is a Polaris-backed company).

27 February

Thinking About Facebook’s Expanded Like Button

Today Facebook rolled out a rather significant change: the Like button has replaced the Share button’s functionality. It’s an important transition because, at least for me, it has already changed my “liking” behavior. Auto-publishing a story to my wall makes me think differently about the simple action of liking… which I do several times a […]

26 February

Facebook Connect As a Registration & Login Flow

Reading OM’s article “My web without Facebook Connect“, I was reminded of an blog post I recently wrote and regularly reference (“Facebook as a conversion tool: registration flows.“).