4 November

5 Quick Thoughts on the iPad Mini

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After using the iPad Mini for 48 hours now, I wanted to get some quick thoughts down that answer the most common questions I have heard:

1 November

Amazon’s Beautiful Cloud Drive for Android Splash Page

I love this graphic / splash page for Amazon’s new Cloud Drive Photos for Android application. Beautiful and really, really well done:

30 October

Facebook, Sandy & Data

Really like this post from Facebook’s Facebook + Media page: “Top-10 Shared Terms by people on Facebook in the U.S. as of 10 AM ET”

28 October

Amazon’s Aggressive Homepage

Here is Amazon’s homepage – aggressively positioning the Kindle Fire HD against the forthcoming iPad Mini. It compares pixels, speakers, and video quality… but what will really matter to consumers: the price. (Of course Apple would position the two alongside iTunes and form factor).

27 October

Publishing with Siri

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I still believe this experience is magical. And as I’ve written before, I still believe the power of Siri (or Google Voice, Microsoft sync, etc) is dictation.

27 October

Kindle Fire HD, iPad Mini and Pricing

The power of pricing: “Wednesday was the $199 Kindle Fire HD’s biggest day of sales since launch and up 3x week over week” – AllThingsD

23 October

Google+’s Slick Recommend Unit

I really like this Google+ implementation. When you hover over the + button (alongside other sharing units like Facebook and Twitter), it expands to show related Google+ content. Slick UI and relatively unintrusive experience. And lots of opportunity to mix different content types within the overlay.

19 October

Reaching Targeted Users with Log Out Pages: Facebook + Fab

I have written before about the value of Facebook’s homepage for logged out users: both from a promotional (huge lift for Facebook; both Facebook + Twitter do it) and advertising perspective (eBay example).

18 October

Siri Dictation: Email, Facebook, Twitter

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I love this: Siri driving Twitter, Facebook, etc (I had written about the desire to do this when Siri first arrived).

16 October

Twitter’s Great “Some People You May Know” Email

I have written glowingly about Quora and Twitter’s weekly digest emails. Well here is another good one from Twitter that is beautifully put together: “Ryan Spoon, we found some people you may know”. I love how it shares the same format as the “What’s happening on Twitter” digest – and I love how it’s very […]

15 October

Install Now: Driving Installs in Addition to Likes

I have written about Facebook’s AppCenter before and how it represents the focus on mobile and on Facebook’s platform… and opens up a monetizable, interaction beyond “Like”: “Install”. (And by the way: you could easily argue that “install” is a more valuable action thank “like” or “follow”).

1 October

Google+ Interactive Ad Layer

I have written before about Google / Google Plus and their interactive, actionable ad units (here is a great example from Google Offers and one for Google’s emailable ads here).