24 February

Google’s High End Chromebook Pixel

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Let me preface by saying that I am typing this on a Macbook (15″ Retina) and love the device. And I have previously not been attracted to the Chromebook series for a variety of reasons: namely form, function and unclear ability to replace either my laptop or iPad.

14 February

A Valentines Reminder from Facebook

In case you forgot…

24 January

Twitter’s In the River Module for User Messaging

Facebook is the king of in-the-river promotions – perhaps because they roll out so many new features, promotions, toggles, etc and it’s the most effective way to alert users of changes.

22 January

iTunes Welcome Screen, Appified

I wrote about the appification of software as a thematic takeaway of 2012. Here is a great – but very different – example. The newest iTunes might not behave like an app – but it certainly takes cues from popular app designs / trends.

3 January

A Reflection of 2012: The Appification of Software

As 2012 is in the books, much has been written about tech and consumer application developments over the last year – and what’s coming in 2013. A good review of what happened in 2012 can be found on Techmeme’s headline stack: top headlines and ‘biggest’ stories.

1 January

Great Rose Bowl Social Ad From Vizio

You can watch the Rose Bowl (Stanford vs. Wisconsin) on ESPN right now and on WatchESPN. You can follow on the new SportsCenter Feed and ScoreCenter.

31 December

Announcing the SportsCenter Feed for iPhone & iPad

Announcing the SportsCenter Feed for iPhone & iPad

This is the first of a few posts on ESPN’s product launches / updates. You can view them all in three places: product.espn.com, Facebook.com/espnproduct and on this blog. I am late to announce the launch of ESPN’s newest mobile application, The SportsCenter Feed. The Feed launched for Christmas and is available in iOS for both […]

30 December

Uber’s Transparent New Year’s Eve

I like the transparency with their users. I like the awareness / intelligence of the pricing. And I like how its done with a marketing spin on it as well.

29 December

Amazon Most Gifted Tagline, Promotion

The “most gifted” tagline and promotion is effective… particularly in the web’s largest marketplace with the web’s largest collection of products. And that’s why it looks so similar to how they market year after year. And that’s why I like it year after year!

16 December

ESPN, College Football Instant Replays & Twitter

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Video highlights and clips are an ESPN hallmark. And for college football fans, December and January represent bowl season. This year, in partnership with Ford, those fans can get embedded replays and highlights on Twitter.

14 December

Square’s App Download Page

I have written in the past about designing for web-to-mobile downloads. Some treatments are effective (ie Jetsetter) despite most being ineffective.

13 December

2012 – Brought to You By Facebook

Facebook’s 2012 in Review ‘app’ is really fantastic: fun, easy, and surprisingly accurate. In one click, Facebook creates a mini-Timeline of your 2012 highlights… and it sums of the year with the 20 most socially active and visual moments.