15 September

ESPN on Xbox

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I wanted to share Xbox’s Facebook post from this weekend (see here). If you have an Xbox, checkout ESPN on Xbox (more here). It’s a phenomenal experience and merges our scores, alerts, ESPN3, kinect, etc. Terrific experience and excited and Xbox is equally excited & proud of it:

15 September

Expanded Facebook Ads: Like + Related Posts

Below are two screenshots from Facebook ad units that I think are noteworthy. The screenshots combine two ordinary components: – friend X likes page / brand Y – a popular or most recent post from brand Y

13 September

iPhone 5

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Two excellent pieces to read on yesterday’s Apple event: Wired’s “The iPhone 5 Is Completely Amazing and Utterly Boring” and MG Siegler’s “Apple’s Magic Is In The Turn, Not The Prestige“

11 September

Kimpton’s Wifi Network: Pay or Register

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I have written before about business’ clever usage of free wifi networks (example of Philz Coffee who lands users on their Facebook Page). Here is another good one. I am in the lobby of a NYC Kimpton Hotel (early for a breakfast). To access the wifi network, I can either pay for a 24-hour access […]

8 September

A Few to Follow on Twitter

I am frequently asked to recommend a handful of ESPN personalities and brands to follow on Twitter. So that I could have something to point to – below is a far-from-comprehensive list that includes a variety of sports, opinions and types. Additionally, I am excited to announce an integration with Twitter using their new Twitter […]

4 September

Facebook’s Inline Comment Alerts

Facebook’s redesigned iPhone App (which is outstanding!) features in-line alerts for new content in the newsfeed. The treatment and interface are well done: simple, nonintrusive, yet obvious. Furthermore, it has become a familiar behavior (Twitter.com, Facebook.com and others).

1 September

NCAA Football is Here: Follow with WatchESPN & ESPN College Football App

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With over 50 games today, NCAA Football has officially kicked off (and next week marks the beginning of the NFL season). Two great ways to stay atop of the action and to follow your favorite team(s): 1. The new ESPN College Football App (iOS + Android) Built specifically for college football, the provides news, scores, […]

29 August

The new ESPN ScoreCenter for iPad

The new ESPN ScoreCenter for iPad

Today, we released the new ScoreCenter for iPad. I encourage you to download it, customize it and give feedback. Starting this weekend (college football!) and next (NFL!), you’ll surely put it to good use!

28 August

Taco Bell’s Instagram Doritos Locos Tacos Commercial

I love Taco Bell’s new television commercial for the Doritos Locos Taco. It features a series of user-uploaded Instagram photos of Doritos Locos Tacos: “no matter how hard you try, pictures just don’t do it justice.” It’s fun, social, and conveys how popular and unique the product has been. The Doritos Locos campaign has been […]

22 August

Spotify Embeddable Widgets (Twitter & Facebook Too)

Nothing groundbreaking here but I thinks its worth showcasing visually: Spotify yesterday promoted their embeddable play buttons and playlists via Facebook and Twitter yesterday. Those ‘widgets’ can appear on sites, blogs, etc and play in-line much like it works on Facebook within the newsfeed / ticker. Those tweets are then embeddable as well – and […]

19 August

Google’s Travel ‘Widget’ for Search Results & Mobile

Google’s intelligent search result pages keep getting better… particularly on mobile. We’ve seen the weather and the stock ‘one boxes’ before. This integration for travel calendaring is fantastic – dynamic, colorful, crisp and – above all – accurate and fast.

12 August

Jiro Dreams of Sushi: A Tale of Raw Fish and Dedication

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At the encouragement of Andrew Machado, I watched Jiro Dreams of Sushi this weekend – a documentary about Michelin winning sushi chef and 85-year old Jiro Ono. Absolutely fantastic movie: