7 July

Amazon.com, Harrahs and the Importance of Mining Data

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Having finished “Winner Takes All: Steve Wynn, Kirk Kerorian, Gary Loveman, and the Race to Own Las Vegas”, I have arrived at a novel conclusion: I love Amazon.com precisely because it is the Harrah’s of online shopping! Every company – small or big, private or public – struggles with the volume of data collected, how […]

6 July

We’re Engaged! (And how Facebook’s News Feed is Strangely Relevant)

Over this July 4th weekend – where we vacationed in Cape Cod with my family – Anette and I got engaged! We actually debated whether or not I should post the announcement and picture on this blog. Anette finds it tacky and I have personally struggled with the balance / conflict between tech posts vs. […]

5 July

Dunkin’ Donuts Aren’t in California… Yet?

It’s July 4th weekend and I’m in Cape Cod… which means that I’ve now enjoyed several Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffees and wondered why the only DD coffee I can enjoy in California is brewed at home. Every day, my blog gets a fair amount of traffic coming from Google for search terms like: – Dunkin […]

5 July

beRecruited Surpasses 3,000,000 Recruiting Connections; Garners Press

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It’s been a big few days for beRecruited. Most importantly, we passed our 3,000,000th recruiting connection in late June – a significant milestone as it’s a great barometer of beRecruited’s growth and effectiveness. The 2,000,000th connection came just six months ago in early January (2008). Another measure of beRecruited’s effectiveness is the flurry of positive […]

3 July

Harrrah’s Low Rollers Account for 80% of Revenue & 100% of Profits

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Another blog post about book excerpts (and a couple more to come) as I’ve had time to read more than just my Blackberry and computer screen (currently enjoying vacation in Chatham, Massachusetts). I am breezing through Christina Binkley’s “Winner Take All: Steve Wynn, Kirk Kerkorian, Gary Loveman and the Race to own Las Vegas” (link […]

29 June

Predicting the 2008 Jerry Yang and Yahoo in 2001

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While sitting in the 110 degree Las Vegas sun yesterday (en route to the worst sunburn of my life), I read Jeffrey Zygmont’s “The VC Way: Investment Secrets from the Wizards of Venture Capital” (availabone on Amazon here). There isn’t a ton of literature written about venture capital, and Zygmont’s 2001 book is neither a […]

25 June

InGameNow Launches – Brings Sports Scores, Chatter Mobile

I haven’t blogged much in the last week – but I have good reason: we’ve been hard at work on InGameNow… and, just in time for tomorrow’s NBA Draft, we officially launched today! InGameNow: Twitter for Sports As I have discussed before, InGameNow was launched and funded out of sfEntrepreneurs – an organization of ten […]

21 June

Long Tail Analytics with Quantcast, Google Trends & Compete – Who Wins?

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Google entered the public web analytics game yesterday by expanding Google Trends beyond search queries and into web traffic. Just a couple years ago, we had two options for web data: – Comscore provided detailed analytics for the web’s top sites – Alexa (inaccurately) estimated traffic based on their tool bar users / usage Now, […]

20 June

Google Trends Launches – Apparently I’m Techmeme’s 3rd Most Overlapped Site? (No Way!)

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Google today announced that they are moving Google Trends closer towards Quantcast and Compete’s territories… This is potentially big news – but it depends on how transparent Google decides to be and how well integrated they work with Google Analytics. I’ve written before that Analytics users should have the option to turn their data public… […]

19 June

Pizza Hut Shows How NOT to do Paid Search

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Yesterday, I wrote about the three keys to creating a compelling widget. Tonight, I am moved to write about how *not* to craft compelling paid search campaigns: There are so many things wrong with this ad that it’s tough to figure out where to start… but we can start with the ad “title” – which […]

18 June

Designing a Compelling Widget: Three Keys to Widget Engagement

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This week the Widget World Expo took place in New York and Fred Wilson gave a supposedly terrific speech titled “Why Widgets Is The Wrong Word For What We’re Doing”. I really wish that I had been able to attend the conference – but the schedule didn’t allow for it. Fred’s deck in embedded below […]

15 June

The Evolution of Social Content: From Email to Blogs to Disqus / FriendFeed

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Fred Wilson’s last two blog posts are about the changing / evolving blog landscape: 1) the death of “long form blogging” (ironic) 2) the evolution of blog commenting and how comments are becoming as important as the posts I found the first post particularly thought provoking: I’ve posted every day for almost five years. Its […]