3 August

A New Wave of Skinned & Tethered Rich Media Ad Units

While at SpaceCamp over the last couple days (in gorgeous Santa Monica), there was a lot of discussion around engaging advertising formats and units. Most of the conversation was around advertising on social media and UGC – which clearly adds a variety of additional complexities. When it comes to advertising formats, two verticals tend to […]

30 July

Sergey Brin: iPhone Users Conduct 30x More Mobile Searches (and other fascinating stats)

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On Sunday July 13, Apple announced that 10,000,000 apps had been downloaded via the App Store. A little over a week later – on July 21st, 25 million apps have been downloaded. Now there are 1,0001 apps in the directory – but there doesn’t seem to be major acceleration in the volume of new content […]

27 July

InGameNow Opens API for Sports Scores & Interaction. What Can You Do With It?

InGameNow formally launched a few weeks ago – giving sports fans the ability to receive real-time scores and analysis via the web, the cell phone and instant messenger. Today, InGameNow took a major step forward by opening a private API. We are looking for developers who are interested in using our APIs to develop something […]

25 July

RedLasso Waves the White Flag; Bloggers Learn the Consequence of Relying on 3rd Party Content

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On March 1st, I wrote that “RedLasso Video Is Taking Off… Out of Nowhere“. Since then, RedLasso has become a key tool for most sports and celebrity bloggers who are able to rapidly create videos from network and cable television. The sports world in particular has used RedLasso to grab game highlights and ESPN clips. […]

25 July

I’m Reinstalling Disqus – Two Months After Turning Disqus Off

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Two months ago, I wrote this blog’s most read article: After 5 Days on Disqus, I’m Turning Back to WordPress Comments. The quick, controversial summary is that I installed Disqus and, after concerns of not being able to fully leverage that content for SEO and on my own site, I reverted back to the standard […]

24 July

AdMob Nails Universal Mobile Advertising via the iPhone

Earlier in the week, I wrote about how AdMob, Google and Developers seem best poised to monetize iPhone Apps …instead of Apple. Now AdMob is demonstrating that monetization can uniformly move beyond Applications and across all of the browsing / web-based utilities that the iPhone enables. AdMob has released a suite of iPhone specific real […]

24 July

A Guide to Swimming Alcatraz

This Saturday, I will compete in the famed Alcatraz swim race for the seventh time and will joined by last year’s winner and co-founder of InGameNow, Steuart Martens, and Widgetbox CEO Will Price. We will be swimming in the Alcatraz 100 swim race which was recently named one of the ten best open water swims […]

22 July

Who is Monetizing the Free iPhone Apps? Google, AdMob, Developers – But Not Apple

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I believe that most of the content-based iPhone applications are going to be free over time… and early indications are that this is the case with top free apps include the New York Times, WordPress, Twitterific, Sports Tap, Jott, etc subscribing huge numbers of new users and downloads. But as free becomes more prevalent on […]

21 July

The iPhone 3G is Game-Changing; Game-Ending for Google Android, Blackberry?

I’m likely not stating anything revolutionary here, but it is worth noting that what Jobs and Apple have built with the iPhone 3G is revolutionary. I traded my Blackberry in for the iPhone two days ago now (reactions are here) and the phone itself isn’t the revolutionary aspect – it’s the platform. I continue to […]

21 July

Half.com has Replaced Craigslist, eBay and Kijiji for my Online Selling

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Half.com is oft-overlooked in the landscape of consumer-to-consumer commerce. Most people talk about eBay, Craigslist, Kijiji and Amazon… but forget about eBay’s fixed-price powerhouse: Half.com. Honestly, I’m guilty of overlooking Half.com myself – even though one of my first jobs at eBay was running the Half.com affiliate program… but I’ve used Half.com over the last […]

20 July

Confessions of a Blackberry Addict – I’ve Moved to the iPhone 3G

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About a month ago, I wrote “Why I’m Turning in my Blackberry for an iPhone 3G” and it made its way onto Techmeme. The feedback I’ve received via comments and emails is generally of individual contention. Like me, people are conflicted about the turning in their trusty blackberries for an iPhone. Just today, a reader […]

17 July

Selfishly, I’m Glad Jason Calacanis ‘Retired’ From Blogging

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About a week ago, web 2.0 celebrity / guru Jason Calacanis “officially” announced his retirement from blogging. Most of the blogosphere reaction was that the supposed retirement was either a hoax or a ploy to generate Mahalo buzz: Starting today all of my thoughts will be reserved for a new medium. Something smaller, something more […]