21 July

Half.com has Replaced Craigslist, eBay and Kijiji for my Online Selling

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Half.com is oft-overlooked in the landscape of consumer-to-consumer commerce. Most people talk about eBay, Craigslist, Kijiji and Amazon… but forget about eBay’s fixed-price powerhouse: Half.com. Honestly, I’m guilty of overlooking Half.com myself – even though one of my first jobs at eBay was running the Half.com affiliate program… but I’ve used Half.com over the last […]

20 July

Confessions of a Blackberry Addict – I’ve Moved to the iPhone 3G

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About a month ago, I wrote “Why I’m Turning in my Blackberry for an iPhone 3G” and it made its way onto Techmeme. The feedback I’ve received via comments and emails is generally of individual contention. Like me, people are conflicted about the turning in their trusty blackberries for an iPhone. Just today, a reader […]

17 July

Selfishly, I’m Glad Jason Calacanis ‘Retired’ From Blogging

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About a week ago, web 2.0 celebrity / guru Jason Calacanis “officially” announced his retirement from blogging. Most of the blogosphere reaction was that the supposed retirement was either a hoax or a ploy to generate Mahalo buzz: Starting today all of my thoughts will be reserved for a new medium. Something smaller, something more […]

14 July

InGameNow Launches Post via Gtalk and AOL Instant Messanger

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InGameNow formally launched two weeks ago – giving sports fans the ability to receive real-time scores, analysis and rumors via mobile, web and instant messenger. Today, InGameNow has launched an important new feature: the ability to post directly from GTalk and AOL Instant Messenger (AIM). So if you’re on the go, you can now receive […]

13 July

The NFL is Worth More than NBA + MLB – Average Franchise Worth $960 Million!

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There are 123 professional sports teams across the NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL. The Dallas Cowboys are worth an estimated 1.5 billion dollars – ranking #1 – and the Nashville Predators are the least valuable team at $143 million. Some very interesting takeaways came from digging into the data: – The average NFL franchise is […]

13 July

Techmeme: Now Gadgets, Page A1. Watch Out Engadget!

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Yesterday, I wrote about how Techmeme’s Leaderboard is shifting dramatically and both the analysis and reader feedback suggested that the biggest risers on Techmeme have been gadget blogs – specifically Apple and mobile blogs. Robert Scoble left a great comment: “I think some of that is rubbing off on Techmeme, too, but really, it’s due […]

12 July

Techmeme’s Leaderboard is Shifting: Nearly 1/3rd of Leaderboard is New

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I’ve analyzed Techeme’s Leaderboard several times before (headlines vs. discussions, ‘presence’ vs. pageviews, etc) and thought it would be worthwhile to understand movement within the leaderboard. I compared Techmeme’s Leaderboard on May 14 vs. today’s current Leaderboard (July 12). Techmeme ranks their top 100 blogs by “Presence”, the percentage of headline space a source occupies […]

10 July

Amazon Kindle is a Hit: 12% of Book Sales on Amazon, Doubled Since May

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Amidst all of the discussion about the iPhone 3G that hits stores tomorrow, another industry changing gadget is getting overlooked. According to Time Magazine: “On a title-by-title basis, of the 130,000 titles available on Kindle and in physical form, Kindle sales now make up over 12% of sales for those titles…. At a technology trade […]

10 July

Great Web 2.0 Jobs: Widgetbox is Hiring Developers & Thought Leaders

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Some of my most commented / read blog posts are about finding great start up jobs. The direct responses I’ve received through Facebook, LinkedIn and email have been really eye-opening: – Landing a great start up job – Hiring Moves Web 2.0 I have a selfish update to add on the start-up hiring front: Widgetbox […]

7 July

Amazon.com, Harrahs and the Importance of Mining Data

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Having finished “Winner Takes All: Steve Wynn, Kirk Kerorian, Gary Loveman, and the Race to Own Las Vegas”, I have arrived at a novel conclusion: I love Amazon.com precisely because it is the Harrah’s of online shopping! Every company – small or big, private or public – struggles with the volume of data collected, how […]

6 July

We’re Engaged! (And how Facebook’s News Feed is Strangely Relevant)

Over this July 4th weekend – where we vacationed in Cape Cod with my family – Anette and I got engaged! We actually debated whether or not I should post the announcement and picture on this blog. Anette finds it tacky and I have personally struggled with the balance / conflict between tech posts vs. […]

5 July

Dunkin’ Donuts Aren’t in California… Yet?

It’s July 4th weekend and I’m in Cape Cod… which means that I’ve now enjoyed several Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffees and wondered why the only DD coffee I can enjoy in California is brewed at home. Every day, my blog gets a fair amount of traffic coming from Google for search terms like: – Dunkin […]