28 June

Google I/O by the Numbers… Theme: Scale

Browsing the headlines is a pretty powerful and interesting way to digest Google I/O as they are driven by big, important numbers:

27 June

Nike and @NikeSF Demonstrate Rich Promoted Tweets on Twitter

As you can tell from the screenshot’s time stamp (June 8), this one has been sitting in my blog queue for quite some time. It’s still worth posting though! Here is a screenshot from a Promoted Tweet by Nike San Francisco. It’s notable beyond the interesting fact that 1) Nike has a geographically driven social […]

21 June

Quora & Twitter’s Weekly Digests via Email. When Does Facebook’s Arrive?

I write a fair amount the ‘findability‘ problem that results from vast amounts of content (yes: it is a first class problem!). Curation – social, declared and algorithmic – plays a key role. Nevertheless, users still swim in oceans of available, interesting and timely content from platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Quora, Pinterest, etc… and that […]

19 June

Game of Thrones + Facebook

16 June

Twitter / Tweet Integration in WordPress 3.4

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Very slick Twitter integration inside WordPress 3.4 Simply paste a Tweet’s URL, and it embeds. In this example, that includes the expanded image, etc. Very cool:

16 June

Google’s Evolving Search Results Pages: PGA, Tiger Woods & US Open as Example

In honor of this week’s US Open – and in connection with last week’s post on Google’s evolving search pages – here are some interesting screen shots related to both. The first is a results page for the query “PGA”. As yo will see, there are only two search results on my visible screen: PGA.com […]

14 June

Scale Requires Curation, Apple Beginning to Address in iTunes & App Store with iOS 6

I have been sitting on this post for weeks and weeks: I tend to write posts, or the skeleton of posts, ahead of time and publish them later on. In some cases enough time passes – or enough happens and changes – that it makes those posts irrelevant. This one is pretty close. I had […]

12 June

Apple’s Gorgeous iOS 6 Product Page.

So much has already been written about Apple’s WWDC and their iOS 6 announcement… and I too will pile on a couple short (and late) reactions. This one really has nothing to do with the hardware or the software… but rather the store page Apple created to showcase iOS 6. I tweeted about it last […]

7 June

Two Small Features of Facebook’s Camera iPhone App

Over the last week, I have been using the Facebook Camera application as my default mobile camera – in part as a test and in part because I love the ability to upload multiple pictures / create albums (that feature alone is a time saver). Here are two small features I like and noticed… and […]

6 June

Facebook Camera iOS App Knows Who You Are On Install

Two weeks ago, Facebook launched their Facebook Pages iOS app. And last week, Facebook launched their Facebook Camera app. One of the interesting aspects of the two applications is that their welcome screens greet you with the following pages: blue screen, big get started button, and (in the Facebook Camera example) a greeting specifically for […]

5 June

Google Search Results Looking More Like Facebook: Layout and Ad Units. Starbucks Example.

For specific queries, Google’s search results pages are looking less and less like traditional Google pages and more and more like Facebook. The below example for the query “starbucks” promotes Starbucks, local maps and news results in the core results. On the right column, there is a Google+ follow button (in 550,000+ circles) and recent […]

4 June

Here is the Facebooks Phone.

Much has been made of the rumored Facebook Phone…. specifically around the hardware component (see the Techmeme stream here). Regardless of whether or not a Facebook branded device will soon exist, the Facebook Phone already exists as an OS of sorts….