17 July

Jetsetter Navigation Panel – More UI and Design from Jetsetter.

Jetsetter is known for great design (see here) and here is a nice little UI treatment that we recently saw on The Verge (who uses it on mobile and web). As you scroll through Jetsetter’s sale page, an icon scrolls alongside the right progress column. It serves two functions:

15 July

Digg, Content Publishing, Content Consumption and Kate Middleton’s Wedding Gown

Much has already been written about Digg – and two of the best pieces currently sit atop Techmeme. MG’s “Requiem for a Digg” and Om’s “In Memoriam: Even in losing, how Digg won.”

13 July

Jetsetter Mobile App: Effective App Promotion & Conversions

Jetsetter is known for great design (see here). Here is a good example of good design and effective mobile promotion.

9 July

A New Chapter Ahead at ESPN

I have always been a sports nut. Growing up, I wouldn’t go to bed without first calling the Washington Post’s automated sports hotline for ‘current’ sports scores (delayed by 15-30 minutes); and over breakfast, I’d scour over newspaper box scores for details. Years later, the habit hasn’t changed… just the routine: newspaper clippings have been […]

9 July

Facebook Homepage Ad Takeovers – eBay Example.

Facebook homepage ads have begun. They are effectively static full page takeovers with a Facebook module overlayed in the bottom right corner. In this example you see an ad unit for eBay’s summer electronics event. On the right corner is a mini-Facebook ad unit (as you would see it on the right column of a […]

8 July

Google Chrome for iOS: Two Unique, Nice UI Treatments

With the launch of Google Chrome for iOS, I committed to swapping out my iPhone and iPad’s Safari browser (of course I can only do this on the dock – Safari cannot be replaced as the browser from core applications like email, etc). I did this in part because:

1 July

Keys to Boostrapping Your Startup.

Earlier this week, I spoke on a panel about the keys to bootstrapping a startup. The audience was a mix of current and soon-to-be entrepreneurs; some bootstrapping by choice and others by necessity; some who see bootstrapping as the dream and others as a means to venture financing. It’s a subject near and dear to […]

29 June

Nike’s Game On Facebook Campaign: Data, Nike+ and Great Photos.

Nike is so good: – terrific Facebook campaign during the NBA Playoffs – smart experimentation on Twitter with Promoted Tweets – innovative personalized shopping engine (which now includes licensed products) – and that doesn’t include Nike+ and their terrific / innovative integrations with Path, Facebook and Twitter

28 June

Google I/O by the Numbers… Theme: Scale

Browsing the headlines is a pretty powerful and interesting way to digest Google I/O as they are driven by big, important numbers:

27 June

Nike and @NikeSF Demonstrate Rich Promoted Tweets on Twitter

As you can tell from the screenshot’s time stamp (June 8), this one has been sitting in my blog queue for quite some time. It’s still worth posting though! Here is a screenshot from a Promoted Tweet by Nike San Francisco. It’s notable beyond the interesting fact that 1) Nike has a geographically driven social […]

21 June

Quora & Twitter’s Weekly Digests via Email. When Does Facebook’s Arrive?

I write a fair amount the ‘findability‘ problem that results from vast amounts of content (yes: it is a first class problem!). Curation – social, declared and algorithmic – plays a key role. Nevertheless, users still swim in oceans of available, interesting and timely content from platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Quora, Pinterest, etc… and that […]

19 June

Game of Thrones + Facebook