9 June

WWDC 2008 Starting, Twitter Already Struggling (TechCrunch Too)

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Twitter is already struggling to stay afloat as the tech world buzzes about Apples WWDC 2008… and Steve Jobs hasn’t even taken the stage yet. Perhaps Twitter shouldn’t have made their “we’re ready” announcement yesterday (or as Michael Arrington noted, “Tempted Fate”)? Twhirl isn’t passing data in either direction and Twitter.com is moving remarkably slow. […]

9 June

iPhone 2.0 – What it will take to Convert Me

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It was about a year ago that Apple announced the iPhone and the tech world traded in their cell phones and blackberries for the slick, full-screened gadget. I was intrigued (and love the UI) but it wasn’t enough for me to trade in my trusty Blackberry Curve. So as today’s iPhone 2.0 announcement looms just […]

7 June

Twitter Can Learn a Lesson from my Girlfriend

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I turned my girlfriend Anette onto Twitter 6 months ago (@anetteherrera. She’s admittedly and proudly not a techie; but she enjoys following a few close friends has actually posted 100+ tweets since registering. All of her twitter usage has come from her Blackberry. Other than registering, she has never visited Twitter.com. So when she asked […]

7 June

Why In-Game Ads Won’t Kill Video Games… They Already Exist

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This is becoming a habit: I write a post and a couple days later, after more thinking and discussions, I get an urge to follow it up. So here’s my follow up to “Relax: In-game Advertising Won’t Kill the Video Game Industry” – a response to CNet’s claim that Sony’s forthcoming in-game ads are going […]

6 June

I Really Hope Twitter Isn’t Friendster 2.0

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I’ve written a lot about Twitter over the past few weeks – much of my writing is about community, trends, and general usage. Today, much of the buzz is around – as Michael Arrington terrificly puts it – Twitter’s “minor period of uptime.” Webware goes even further by asking Twitter to close shop until their […]

4 June

Relax: In-game Advertising Will NOT Kill The Video Game Industry

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Today, Sony officially announced an in-video-game advertising deal with IGA Worldwide – leading to numerous negative blog reactions. The boldest was by Don Reisinger at CNet with his “In-game advertising will ruin the video game industry” article: In-game advertising not only ruins the experience of playing games, but it makes for a title that “sells […]

4 June

Nothing’s Hotter than the iPhone (Unless You’re on Facebook)

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Visited any tech site recently? Chances are, it looks a lot like Techmeme’s current front page: inundated with news and rumors regarding Apple’s iPhone and upcoming announcements (see headlines here and here): It’s not just a Techmeme syndrome though. According to Twist, Twitter discussions around ‘iPhone’ are soaring as the Apple conference approaches: In Google […]

3 June

Amazon & McDonalds – A Lesson in Awful Cross Marketing

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While I cannot definitively label this as the worst cross-marketing I’ve ever received (see that one here…!) – this isn’t far behind. Today I received a package of Myoplex Light (a healthy, protein-heavy meal replacement system). In the package, Amazon included a coupon for a free McDonalds Southern Chicken sandwich and a free Southern Chicken […]

3 June

Lessons From How The Planet Communicated Their Data Center Explosion

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InGameNow has been down since Saturday… So have thousands of other sites as 9,000 servers were caught in a massive fire at server and hosting company The Planet’s Houston, Texas data center. Now the good news is that no one was injured and that 6,000 of those servers were restored last night at 5:06pm CDT. […]

1 June

2008 Golden Gate Triathlon – Results and Pictures

Warning: as the title suggests, this is not a tech-related blog post… and at the risk of upsetting readers, I do that from time to time! Today, longtime friend Steuart Martens and I competed in the 2008 Golden Gate Triathlon. It is a relatively overlooked Bay Area triathlon considering that it is sandwiched between Wildflower […]

1 June

Analyzing Techmeme’s Top 100 Blogs: Techmeme Presence vs. Monthly Traffic

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One of the appeals of Techmeme is it’s transparent, always updated leaderboard. Techmeme ranks it’s top 100 contributors by the number of headlines each blog sends to the homepage. The ratio of overall headlines to a specific blogs headlines is called “presence”. Techcrunch, for instance, represents 7.56% of Techmeme’s headlines during the last 30 days […]

31 May

Mahalo Opens Up; Recognizes the Power of Transparency

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In what Jason Calacanis bills as “Wikipedia 3.0”, Mahalo has just taken a very major step forward by opening their platform to all registered users. Until now, Mahalo has crafted each of their 50,000 pages by hand (hence the tagline “human powered search”). But by enabling users to directly contribute, create and edit pages – […]