19 February

My Verizon Envy is Gone – AT&T Unveils $99.99 Unlimited Voice Plan!

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When Verizon released their plans for a $99 all-you-can-talk plan, I instantly wrote that it was tempting enough to lure me away from AT&T. I concluded that I’d wait a little to see AT&T’s reaction… and here it is: unlimited voice for $99.99. I assume that it will be a lengthy, confusing call to AT&T […]

18 February

Until Dunkin Donuts Opens Up in San Francisco (or California for that matter)…

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I still believe there is a ton of money to be made by bringing Dunkin Donuts out to California (there are enough east coast transplants in LA, San Jose and San Francisco)… but until someone pulls together enough money to do so, I will continue to use the only resource better than Amazon – my […]

17 February

Is Mahalo’s Growth Coming From Video Games?

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Mahalo has grown very nicely over last two quarters and, according to Quantcast, now reach over 800,000 uniques monthly. While my searching behavior still starts at Google and goes to Wikipedia for informational needs – I find myself using Mahalo for topics that are either: 1) very current (Google still struggles breaking news within results […]

17 February

Do I now have Verizon-Envy? Verizon Unveils Unlimited Voice Plan for $99

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I never thought I would say this… but I officially have Verizon envy. Don’t get me wrong – I love my Blackberry Curve, AT&T has great customer service and, in the bay area, the service is consistently good…. BUT – AT&T is ridiculously expensive. Compare the voice, data and sms packages to T-Mobile and other […]

17 February

Comparing TeleNav GPS and Google Maps Mobile – Why I’m Canceling My TeleNav Account

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I have been a TeleNav subscriber for close to a year now and have turned many friends on the service. I also have had Google Maps Mobile installed on my Blackberry since it launched. I find myself using them at different points and for different needs – and while I prefer TeleNav, I am actually […]

15 February

Twitter Now Working on Gtalk; First Tweet is from JasonCalacanis

Ahh… I missed Twitter. And while Twitter wasn’t cooperating with Gtalk for the last couple weeks, I found myself not using the site or service. But today, at 1:42pm pst, I got my first Twitter message over Gtalk and I knew it had to either be Calacanis or Scoble…. Jason won:

14 February

Amazon.com – The Worst Cross-Merchandising Ever?

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I love Amazon. I buy everything there – from toothpaste to food to electronics. They make buying easy. Amazon’s finding experience and cross-merchandising technology is so superior to the competition that they are mentioned in nearly every e-commerce discussion I’ve been a part of. But last night I received something so bizarre that it made […]

13 February

The Season of Blockbuster Deals: Web 2.0 vs. The NBA

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2008 has already seen a flurry of massive deals on the web and the hardwood basketball courts. So which has had the more eventful and impactful month? Let’s compare: LA Lakers Acquire Paul Gasol Microsoft Acquires Danger The Lakers have had a terrific 2007-2008 NBA season, but with Andrew Bynum’s recent injury, lacked front-court muscle… […]

13 February

5 Up, 5 Down – Loving FriendFeed, Bebo, Podcasts, WordPad and Amazon

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What I’m Loving: FriendFeed: Brilliantly simple and effective. Bebo: started using it for Widgetbox purposes, but I have been very impressed by the quality of the site and their new open platform (which I actually prefer to Facebook’s). I actually think that Bebo takes the best of Facebook and the best of MySpace – not […]

12 February

Hiring Moves Web 2.0 (Through Facebook, Blogs and Classifieds)

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This might not come as a surprise since networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook are becoming popular, effective ways to make business introductions and even hires. But a couple posts on some of my favorite blogs demonstrate that web 2.0 hiring has become precisely that. A few examples: * Fred Wilson wrote a post saying […]

11 February

Starbucks Ditches T-Mobile for AT&T – And Offers Free Internet!

Exciting news for coffee and internet addicts like me: Starbucks has decided to ditch T-Mobile for AT&T and offer two free hours of usage a day (an extra two hours costs $3.99). Brilliant move for a few reasons: * I always believed that it was in Starbucks benefit to keep customers in the store * […]

11 February

Yahoo Officially Says Microsoft’s Proposal Substantially Undervalues Them; Microsoft Prepares Sweeter Deal

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From the Yahoo camp: Yahoo! Inc. (Nasdaq:YHOO), a leading global Internet company, today said the Yahoo! Board of Directors has carefully reviewed Microsoft’s unsolicited proposal with Yahoo!’s management team and financial and legal advisors and has unanimously concluded that the proposal is not in the best interests of Yahoo! and our stockholders. After careful evaluation, […]