26 February

Signs You Might be in Serious Trouble

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True story and a certain sign that 1) Something is wrong 2) You spend far too much time on the internet 3) You spend far too much time working on the internet I was told that, in my sleep last night, I emphatically said: “No! You can’t do that unless you login!!” Uh oh…. Speaking […]

25 February

Ordering Pizza Officially Moves Online

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Wondering why you are now getting more Pizza Hut, Domino’s and Papa Johns emails? eMarketer reports that “the average online pizza order is $6 to $9 higher than the average telephone order.” The research suggests (as one would expect) that ordering online is an easier, more enjoyable experience than dealing with people over the phone: […]

24 February

ItsNiceThat.com – Great Visual Blog

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ItsNiceThat.com. Updated several times a day with some stunning photos / art pieces – each with a short blurb about it. Here are a couple of my favorites:

23 February

The Trouble with PerezHilton.com As a Business (Perhaps Blogs For that Matter)

Want celebrity gossip? The online destination of choice is PerezHilton.com – which, according to Perez, boasts larger readership than People Magazine (the perennial #1 print magazine). That success has turned Perez into a star – he has his own MTV and VH1 shows, is seen in celebrity magazines galore and he’s fetching sponsorship deals both […]

23 February

Currently My Favorite Widget…

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Or find it directly at Widgetbox

20 February

Ironic Twist(er) in HD-DVD’s Death?

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While I hinted at it before, HD-DVD officially died this week. The most interesting, ironic and overlooked aspect of HD’s collapse had less to do with the format and more to do with the final published title: Twister hit theaters in 1996 and was the first movie ever released on DVD. It also is currently […]

20 February

I love Amazon’s New Logo

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I just noticed this tonight – Amazon has unveiled a new logo. When you hover over the Amazon Logo on all pages other than Amazon.com, a light frame is added and the word “homepage” appears alongside their famous smile. I love it. Logos exist in consistent locations on a webpage (the top left corner). Adding […]

20 February

Blackberry Suffers 3rd Outage in 9 Months… UGH

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Blackberry is suffering from it’s 3rd service outage in 9 months – and it’s second in as many weeks… hopefully this isn’t a trend. While the outage was noticeable, everything is running ‘relatively’ smoothly now – although I did notice spottiness over the weekend. My emails were arriving in delayed clumps and at one point […]

19 February

iTunes Podcasts Center – 10 Things That Must be Fixed

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I love podcasts (they get me through the day). But, I really hate iTunes Podcasts center. As iTunes continues to improve, their Podcasts section still seems to be on its first generation. And based on passing conversations with friends at Apple, I am not sure that anyone is actually dedicated to the product (from the […]

19 February

My Verizon Envy is Gone – AT&T Unveils $99.99 Unlimited Voice Plan!

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When Verizon released their plans for a $99 all-you-can-talk plan, I instantly wrote that it was tempting enough to lure me away from AT&T. I concluded that I’d wait a little to see AT&T’s reaction… and here it is: unlimited voice for $99.99. I assume that it will be a lengthy, confusing call to AT&T […]

18 February

Until Dunkin Donuts Opens Up in San Francisco (or California for that matter)…

I still believe there is a ton of money to be made by bringing Dunkin Donuts out to California (there are enough east coast transplants in LA, San Jose and San Francisco)… but until someone pulls together enough money to do so, I will continue to use the only resource better than Amazon – my […]

17 February

Is Mahalo’s Growth Coming From Video Games?

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Mahalo has grown very nicely over last two quarters and, according to Quantcast, now reach over 800,000 uniques monthly. While my searching behavior still starts at Google and goes to Wikipedia for informational needs – I find myself using Mahalo for topics that are either: 1) very current (Google still struggles breaking news within results […]