24 November

Social Commerce Done Right: Nike’s Takes to Social for “Twitter Only Sales”

Social Commerce Done Right: Nike’s Takes to Social for “Twitter Only Sales”

If you are a sneaker aficionado, you are probably well aware of Nike’s fantastic, online, social-only commerce routine. You might even have signed up for Twitter alerts from @NikeStore so that you never miss a special sale. And as a geek and a self-proclaimed sneakerhead (defined here: NYTimes here and here, FiveThirtyEight here)… Nike’s Twitter […]

25 September

SportsCenter App for iOS8

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SportsCenter App for iOS8

Yesterday we released an update to the SportsCenter App for iOS – optimized for iOS8 and including a rich, personalized widget. Users can now add the SportsCenter widget to their Today panel within iOS8. The widget includes live scores from your favorite teams and one-click access to listen to ESPN’s live Radio broadcast. You can […]

16 September

A New ESPN.com Is Coming

A New ESPN.com Is Coming

Earlier today, we began to open the doors to a small group of ESPN users for the new, redesigned ESPN.com. It is the first day of our Beta process – a multi-month process in which we will gradually open the doors to more and more fans, continuously test and iterate, and build towards the eventual […]

22 August

ESPN Fantasy Football 2014: New App, Twitter Cards, Sticker Packs, Tilt & More

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ESPN Fantasy Football 2014: New App, Twitter Cards, Sticker Packs, Tilt & More

Much is new in 2014 for the #1 Fantasy Football site and application on iOS and Android – a new look, a new experience, and a slew of new features (including integration with Tilt, as covered here). Earlier this week, we released an update to both iOS and Android. A couple fun highlights worth mentioning… […]

15 August

Introducing the SEC Network

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Introducing the SEC Network

Thursday at 6pm est, ESPN debuted the SEC Network, a new sports network devoted to the Southeastern Conference. The next 14 days will feature an array of events and specials, including customized programming to feature 14 schools in 14 days with team previews, greatest games and SEC features leading into the network’s first college football […]

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