It was about a year ago that Apple announced the iPhone and the tech world traded in their cell phones and blackberries for the slick, full-screened gadget. I was intrigued (and love the UI) but it wasn't enough for me to trade in my trusty Blackberry Curve.

So as today's iPhone 2.0 announcement looms just two blocks away from my home (where I type this) - here's what I am looking for and what will get me to convert:

- 3G: seems a given - Improved Photos: the Blackberry doesn't cut it and I'm using my phone for media more and more - Video: the rumors of a front-facing video feature have me giddy - Sizing: sure the current model is sexy, but it's still relatively big (height and width) - Other Improvements: ie GPS, MMS

You can follow the WWDC at USA Today and live on Engadget and Gizmodo.