For entrepreneurs, Quora has become the new Hacker News: the go-to-place to glean great, rich information related to startups - culture, technology, product, design, history, financing, etc. It's all there and much of it is outstanding. My goal is help build a list of must read Quora threads for entrepreneurs and startups. This is by no means a comprehensive list - so I encourage you to share threads that are important / helpful to you and I will supplement the list. In no particular order, here is a list of Quora threads that I think are critically important to startups. I have tried to include content relevant to all avenues of entrepreneurship: from hiring to product to financing... and everything in between. And enjoy spending the next hour getting lost on Qoura =)

Must read Quora threads for entrepreneurs

Building a Great Team

- What would the ideal web technology start-up team be composed of?

- How does one hire really good product managers?

- What are the best ways for gauging or assessing product "spidey sense" during an interview?

- What is the best way to evaluate a potential startup to work at (full-time)?


- Are there examples of good start up term sheets?

- What are the top 5-7 questions a start-up CEO should ask of an angel investor early on, to determine if they and you (& your project) are a potential fit?

- What are the top qualities to look for in angel investors?

Startup Culture

- What key values led to early PayPal's culture of entrepreneurship?

- What companies are the best examples of great corporate culture?

Miscellaneous Startup Advice

- What percentage equity should an "involved" advisor receive?

- How do you get TechCrunch to cover your startup?

- What are the most common mistakes first-time entrepreneurs make?

- What is the most useful, shortest and most generally applicable piece of wisdom you know?

- If you could today send a tweet to yourself back when you were graduating high school, what would you say?

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