Fascinating look at the big three sports leagues and their online traffic. A couple quick thoughts: 1. MLB.com is widely considered the leader in web strategies. Their MLB.tv site is brilliant, well worth the $99 subscription and makes significant money for the league.

2. The NFL's web traffic is clearly based on their dominant brand. Look how steady and cyclical the traffic is: floats between 1mm and 2.5mm depending on the day of the week.

3. If the NFL was a major player in fantasy football, they'd be far larger and far steadier.

4. NBA.com is surprisingly strong, doesn't suffer from day-to-day swings, and has a much-improved, highly interactive website.

5. None of these sites know anything about SEO or Internet Marketing. That lack of understanding allows sites like SportsWrap and MLBTradeRumors to thrive. If Bud, David or Roger want some advice - I'm glad to make myself available!

Blue: NFL.com Red: MLB.com Green: NBA.com