Need yet another reason to buy a PS3 and convert to Blu Ray? Here is more proof that Blu Ray has won the HD format and that HD DVD is just about dead. Here is the latest list of recently-released-movies from High Def Digest, a terrific site that reviews both formats of high def movies as they release. Here are the last 20 releases. Only four titles arrived on HD DVD and only three of those were unique to that format. One of those includes the Method Man concert... so really, it's only two titles.

High-Def Disc Reviews - High-Def Digest Blu-ray Review: Me, Myself & Irene Blu-ray Review: Celine Dion: A New Day... Live in Las Vegas Blu-ray Review: Damages: The Complete First Season HD DVD Review: Elizabeth: The Golden Age Blu-ray Review: The Brave One. Blu-ray Review: Underdog (2007) Blu-ray Review: Suburban Girl HD DVD Review: King of California Blu-ray Review: King of California HD DVD Review: Method Man: Live from the Sunset Strip Blu-ray Review: The Invasion Blu-ray Review: Wall Street Blu-ray Review: 30 Days of Night Blu-ray Review: Resident Evil - The High Definition Trilogy HD DVD Review: Freedom: 3 Blu-ray Review: Monty Python's Life of Brian Blu-ray Review: Across the Universe Blu-ray Review: Dragon Ball Z - Broly Double Feature Blu-ray Review: Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines