I am starting to see RedLasso video embedded through the web and would anecdotally say that, on newer content, I've seen more RedLasso videos than YouTube. The Janet Jackson video before is from a recent PerezHilton embed (one of his many).

The player is so-so (I still prefer VideoEgg's) - but what makes RedLasso interesting is how much televised and near-live content they are indexing. There isn't much information available about RedLasso (including on their website), but here is an overview of their service:

RedLasso offers a one of a kind TV and Radio search engine that starts by recording and indexing live television. Recording TV enables RedLasso to then index all the video while translating the voices to text. Searching for a particular term will return results from a number of networks. Users can then use the RedLasso video player to create up to ten minute clip from any search result. I searched for "free agency" on ESPN and found a clip about the upcoming baseball free agency pool. I have included the clip I created below though RedLasso also enables you to send it to a friend or directly link to it. I think RedLasso is a great idea as it offers a way for content producers to find and embed content that was previously not easily accessible. Read More