Though I moved to San Francisco, I still read the San Jose Mercury News (which has a good business section despite little else). Today's featured article was about the impact of the economic slow down on consumer technology spending. The lead photograph is of a Best Buy shopper passing a large Sony television and the caption says: "Research shows fewer adults are planing to buy electronics."

But the interesting part is that, while all other gadgets have fallen, television purchase intentions are up significantly and now on par with computers.

In February 2007, 9.2% of adult consumer intended to purchase a TV. That number is now 10.6% - the same percent that plans to purchase a computer (down from 11.8%). I think this is evidence that computers will soon make their way into the living room - there is clearly consumer demand... and despite having plenty of options, there is still no killer solution. I personally use a Mac Mini on my TV and think it's great. But it's not the killer solve.

I would also love to see the breakdown of laptop vs. desktop - and perhaps by brand.

Consumer Spending 2008

Update: Great article out of the New York Times about TV going online - "The “stupid computer” is a repeated target of the dimwitted office manager Michael Scott on “The Office.” But the show itself may be motivating viewers to put down their remote controls and pick up their laptops."