My entire office now has iPhones and I really am one of the last remaining Blackberry addicts... and any slim chance of turning my Blackberry over for an iPhone just went out the window. Specs of the new 9000 series were revealed by the always-great Boy Genius:

* Everything we reported was true. 624MHz processor, 480×320 screen, GPS, Wi-Fi, 3G, etc. * The web browser flies. "Loads web pages in 3-4 seconds." * The BlackBerry 9000 in its current state runs OS 4.5 * Early launch date was slated for a consumer AT&T launch on June 18th. Remember that we predicted the device was delayed. See below. * The battery lasts around 4 hours with straight phone calling. "Battery sucks, to be honest. With Wi-Fi on, I only got a little less than two hours browsing the web," and all testers are reporting huge battery issues which could be why we’re all hearing it is delayed. * We’re not sure of the next part, but he said that the device either has 256MB of internal memory or 128MB. Don’t ask why we couldn’t tell the difference.

Update: AlleyInsider disagrees with me... strongly And CrunchGear is somewhere between us