Over the last few days, you might have noticed changes to the widget in my blog's sidebar... those changes are Widgetbox's new in-widget promotional unit (now live in beta)! When the widget first appears on the viewable screen, the promotional unit drops down and, after a couple seconds, it retracts. The unit can then be hovered over (or clicked) to re-open it. You'll find other popular and/or related widgets within the unit (and depending on the widget's size - an icon, title and/or description). We are excited because this is a powerful mechanism to promote content, target widgets or demographics, and understand in-widget behavior and engagement; we are also excited as this is a beta product... and that means that many changes and enhancements are on the way.

If you are interested in learning more about the unit or working with Widgetbox during the beta, you can either contact me directly (contact information in the left sidebar) or via Widgetbox's partnership form.