This is becoming a habit: I write a post and a couple days later, after more thinking and discussions, I get an urge to follow it up. So here's my follow up to "Relax: In-game Advertising Won't Kill the Video Game Industry" - a response to CNet's claim that Sony's forthcoming in-game ads are going to hurt the industry. My argument was threefold:

1) It's a natural progression considering the move to online gaming and platforms 2) Sony, and others, will ease their way in and innovate with consumers responses and data in-hand 3) Ads will help offset the growing costs of big-name video games and lead to game innovations and enhancements

But here is another argument: It's already happening! Here is a 'screenshot' (err... photo) from MLB 08 The Show. The game is being played between the Chicago Cubs and Chicago Whitesox and notice the bevy of ads in U.S. Cellular Field:

- Louisville Slugger - MLB and - New Era - Majestic - Upper Deck

Why can't those placements be run like AdWords? Instead of static brand ads, wouldn't it make sense that the NBA Finals be advertised their this week? As a consumer, I haven't cared to date (nor have I ever heard a complaint) - and I would prefer timely, dynamic ads moving forward.