I love my blackberry. And I've written about how much I love it.

I am disappointed by the 'iPhone 2.0' - it doesn't have video recording - let alone MMS.

... But today I dropped my blackberry and severely scratched the screen. It made me consider whether to:

1) buy a new Blackberry Curve 2) wait until the new Blackberry Bold arrives 3) trade it in for the new iPhone 3G

The answer was pretty easy: It's time to convert to the new iPhone. I don't love the iPhone for reasons I've already written about. First, the new version isn't as innovative as it claims. Second, I use my Blackberry to send numerous daily emails and really do need a full keyboard. Third, I have no complaints about my current Blackberry and its interface.

But... now that I need a new phone, the biggest draw to the iPhone 2.0 is it's platform.... especially considering my role at Widgetbox. I love my Blackberry - but the iPhone's open platform is attractive enough to draw me towards Apple. I already know I won't love the iPhone - but I am sure there will be plenty of applications that I grow to love.

I work in a world of platforms, applications and widgets - at this point, I feel guilty using my Blackberry (despite loving it) because it's neither the future of mobile nor is it the representative of the (open) web philosophies I believe in.