I love Twitter. I've come to love FriendFeed. And I really love my new iPhone 3G. And I've never been a huge Facebook user.

All of these come together thanks to Apple and my new iPhone. After installing the Facebook App (which now has 1,000,000+ unique users by the way), I've slowly become more attracted to the Facebook Feed updater than to the Twitterific App. I still don't fully understand why, but I do understand the three following points:

1) My network seems to be updating their stream more regularly through Facebook than through Twitter 2) I actually know all of the users of who can access my Facebook feed (though I am not sure this is a positive!) 3) I am too lazy to update both Twitter *and* Facebook

And while I love Twitter, my network seems to prefer Facebook... which by definition would drive me towards sending my content into Facebook rather than Twitter. The direct feedback and traffic through Twitter, however, is more significant than through Facebook - and that means quite a bit (selfishly) as a blogger and a networker.

I am not sure where this will lead for me - but I do know that I am consequently spending more time on Facebook (via the iPhone App) than on Twitter.... I'm also not sure if this is permanent or a temporal iPhone fascination.

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