Today is an important day for beRecruited as we unveiled a major site redesign. The redesign news comes on the heels of beRecruited’s record-growth announcement last month. beRecruited now has approximately 265,000 registered users with athlete from more than 16,000 U.S. high schools and more than 70,000 different high school teams from across the country. More than 100,000 high school athletes have registered with beRecruited in 2008 and the site has generated more than 3.8 million connections between high school athletes and college coaches. beRecruited Redesign

I specifically remember 'designing' (a term I use lightly) the first versions of beRecruited and our logos while in my dorm room at Duke University. Here was the homepage graphic is early 2001 when beRecruited only served swimming and diving communities - today, we represent 18 NCAA sports and nearly 300,000 users:

The below ad is from 2001 - today, beRecruited has over 11,000 registered NCAA Coaches:

I am very proud of beRecruited's evolution and it's maturation since the very early days!