VideoSurf: Scoble is blogging and video taping from the panel... very funny. The user interface really is impressive and allows for immediate search and browsing of moments and characters within a video (or set of videos). Panelists: Bradley Horowitz Joi Ito Sheryl Sandberg Robert Scoble

Bradley: It reminds me of Flickr and I've spent years writing algorithms to try to detect and tag videos and images. People are better than algorithms at this... I didn't see any social capabilities here - is this coming? Answer: we are going frame by frame to understand entire videos; people can tag videos but it is not scalable to tag frames.

Joi: How accurate is it?

Scoble: How long does it take to index the videos? Can this be done for streaming video? (Qik, Kyte). Answer: working on solutions.

Sheryl: I like it. Very excciting. I look at this as an exciting development for video and the appllications that follow. I think that startnig out with a consumer facing website is the right approach to build your business.

Scoble: My thought when watching this was "finally a website that doesn't suck."