I am an active Netflix subscriber out of convenience... and in spite of my dissatisfaction with their web experience. I also have an inbox of marketing emails (and have spent time critiquing many of those campaigns). But the below email just arrived from Netflix and it struck me for two reasons.

1. The Title: Save gas and time. Let Netflix deliver your movies again. Fascinating that Netflix is promoting their value proposition as "save gas". Their normal marketing message includes free trials, instant downloads, and unlimited inventory. Not only is it a strange tagline (that honestly isn't very appetizing) - it's a bizarre email subject line. "Save gas and time" neither stands out from the other emails in my clogged inbox nor does it declare itself as anything other than spam.

2. My account with Netflix is active... and consequently I cannot "let Netflix deliver my movies again" because they are already delivering my movies. I'm confused!

Netflix Marketing Email