In the span of two hours, I received three emails from Apple to the same email address: A little overboard? Verging on spam? Three unanswered emails from anyone within two hours is overkill... let alone from a merchant.

Honestly I find this more than annoying: I think it's particularly audacious during a time of economic pain - asking me to "give employees and clients" the gift of an iPod? Then following up with a $229 Apple HD TV ad? And finally a promotion for new movies that I should watch on the newly purchased iPods and Apple TV.

- Give the gift employees and clients want to get. - Announcing HD TV shows on Apple TV. - New Video Spotlight: Indiana Jones, South Park, War, Inc., Dane Cook, and more

The only thing that would aggravate me more would is an email commemorating a Tampa Bay Rays World Series appearance - like when they sent me a "Celebrate the New York Giants Super Bowl Victory" email....

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