Widgetbox has had a big month: - First, we are quickly approaching the 80,000,000 monthly unique mark. On September 1st, Widgetbox was at 61m monthly uniques... today, it is 78m:

Widgetbox and Quantcast

- Second, we announced a partnership with Yardbarker and their widgets are performing amazingly well (impressions, viral sharing and engagement)

- Third, we released our In-Widget ad system that dynamically renders ad units as widget overlays - optimized for the widget's size, type (flash vs. javascript) and content. We have a collection of ad networks working with us; and based on the specific widget and its location, we are able to render text, graphic and rich-media units. Below are two different versions based on the popular Widgetbox Blidget. One is running on a wide widget (typical use case is in a single post / page) and the other is a narrow widget (typical use case is within a sidebar). You will notice that the ad units vary (continually being optimized on a variety of parameters) and that the unique environment makes traditional text ads more engaging and interesting.

We would love your feedback (this is running in beta stages!). Please also contact me if you are interested in running sponsored widgets on your content - or advertising within your widgets:

Wide widget version:

Narrow widget version:

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