InGameNow has had a busy week (real-time scores and new Apps) - and here's one more: we've launched the InGameNow NFL iPhone App and, after just one day, it's quickly becoming our most popular. I think two things are worth noting here:

- first, we have seen that narrowly-focused apps are performing very well. While our core InGameNow App has been very successful, the league specific apps are growing faster and we have several more coming shortly. I was surprised by this - but excited nonetheless.

- second, real-time scores have already played a major role in the NFL App's success. Predictably, live scores are most important for mobile users. Delivering real-time scoring alerts has encouraged deeper, more relevant discussions and today was consequently the biggest day InGameNow has ever seen on all fronts: users, interaction, posts, etc.

- InGameNow now has three new iPhone Apps (all top sports apps in iTunes). Download them: - InGameNow App - NFL InGameNow - Soccer InGameNow

NFL iPhone App