Some good news:You can now comment on this blog using Facebook Connect and Seesmic. I upgraded versions of Disqus to enable it (very slick).

Some bad news: While installing the new Disqus version, I encountered some issues and lost all of my existing comments. Yup. I was struggling to upgrade Disqus versions because it kept reverting to the "legacy version"... so I exported my comments in the XML file and then uninstalled Disqus. I assumed that, since there is a function to export via XML, there would be the ability to import via XML.

I haven't yet figured out how to import my existing comments - in fact, I am worried that it's not possible (I've dug through the Disqus interface a fair amount... even posted to the forums).

Anyone have advice on how to solve this?! Of course, you can leave it below using Facebook Connect!