beRecruited continues to have great press. Today's Bemidji Pioneer and Post-Bulletin describes how beRecruited helped the Bemidji State's football program recruit players from across the nation:

In this Feb. 4 photo, Bemidji State head football coach Jeff Tesch announces the 2009 recruiting class on national signing day during a press conference at Bemidji State University. Tesch and the Bemidji State coaching staff relied on to help reach student-athletes and fill their class.

For Collin Stoffel, Internet networking played a big role in picking the Bemidji State football team on national signing day.

Stoffel, a linebacker out of Willow Canyon High School in Surprise, Ariz., took a proactive approach to reach college football through the Web site

"For me, I was looking to outsource the information about me any way I could," Stoffel said. "It was a way that I could reach as many coaches as I possibly could."

Similar in Facebook's ability to be an Internet social networking tool, is a bridge connecting high school athletes wishing to play a collegiate sport to recruiting collegiate coaches.

Each athlete on the site has a personal page that showcases abilities. Coaches can then search the site looking at the database of athletes without leaving the office.

Among the items viewable on Stoffel's page is his biography, academic achievements, game photos, athletic testing information and football highlight video.

That page was where Bemidji State running backs coach Bryan Stoffel noticed Collin, who is listed at 5-foot-11 and 209 pounds.

"Coach Stoffel contacted me by e-mail initially and told me that he loved my info and loved what he saw on the page," Collin Stoffel said. "He also said he liked my name and it seemed like destiny that I would be coming to Bemidji after seeing that."