beRecruited has had some great press coverage over the last few weeks - in part because of our growth, in part because of recruiting season and in part because of the struggling economy (which puts more of a need on scholarship availability / seeking). The latest was coverage by Boston's WBZ whose coverage was both on television (see video below) and in print. The exciting theme in all of beRecruited's recent press is the service's effectiveness. Every article has mentioned (with testimonials to validate it) the overwhelming response that the subscribing athletes have received:

Between the economic crisis and soaring college tuition bills, high school athletes are feeling more pressure than ever to land a scholarship.

But finding the right school and the right offer can be a daunting task for a high school student. Private consultants can help, but they can cost thousands of dollars, a high price to pay in these tough times...

Courtney Letourneau, a soccer player at Wachusett Regional High School, joined early in her college search. She said she heard from dozens of coaches.

"It's really surprising who's interested in you, how many colleges there are because I've never heard of half of them," she said.

Courtney landed a scholarship at Long Island University.

"I only have to pay $3,000 a year," she said.