beRecruited had another great press mention - this time by's Corey Clark in "Athletes offer tips on the recruiting process." It is a thorough, encouraging article about the proactive role that athletes and their families need to play in the recruiting process. I could not agree more - and this is the fundamental reason I started beRecruited: unless your name is Carmelo Anthony or Kobe Bryant (both of whom are on my television right now), the recruiting process relies on your proactiveness (even for top rated athletes)... particularly in an economic environment where collegiate budgets are suffering. Furthermore, the most successful beRecruited users are the most active ones (take a look at beRecruited's Recently Committed section):

If you're good enough, they'll find you. That's the old saying about college recruiting, right? It's been repeated over the years so much by sports fans, writers and announcers that it's become a mantra of sorts.

It's a mantra however that is completely untrue for 99.9 percent of high school athletes looking for a scholarship.

Because the reality is this: If you think you're good enough, you need to go find them.

"The best advice I can give is to be active," said FSU softball player Carly Wynn.

This doesn't mean cold-calling college coaches and blindly sending out resumes and videotapes. It means making sure to put yourself in a position to be found....

With websites like (which has hundreds of thousands of registered athletes – in 18 sports - and more than 10,000 registered college coaches) , you can upload resumes, photos, videos, stats and any other information about yourself you deem worthy. For free.