Facebook Pages are powerful ways to communicate with users, customers and fans... but the power is predicated by the size of its audience (a lesson well demonstrated by Twitter). Thus, it's a natural move for Facebook to make their Facebook Ads more interactive and allow users to become fans from the ad itself.

Considering that the most prevalent upsell on Facebook for developers and marketers is to drive traffic to the content you have created (namely pages) - this is a win for:

- advertisers, many of which will see conversions rates rise significantly - viewers, who can interact directly from the feed / profile pages - Facebook, who can extract greater value from marketers... and do so in a cleaner user experience

For brands and developers looking to grow their Facebook Fan-base, craft a small test. At the very least it is a valuable experience is understanding Facebook's ad system and targeting... at best, it's an effective way to amass a sticky, interested community.


Facebook's Email: "Build Your Facebook Fan Base"

Hi Facebook Pages Admin, Facebook Ads for your Page will now get you even more Fans. You are now able to create ads that will allow users to become a Fan of your Page directly from the ad. Users can also click anywhere on your ad to access your Page, get more information and become further engaged.

Benefits of using Ads for Pages:

1 Without leaving the page they are viewing, users can become a Fan directly from the ad 2 When a user becomes a Fan of your Page from the ad, a story is published in the user's Wall 3 This story is eligible to show in Highlights- creating free distribution in the social graph In addition, users will see friends who have become a Fan of your Page in their version of the ad – increasing the relevancy of your ad.

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