Twitter is a powerful marketing lever for communications, traffic acquisition and user interaction (read more here). But to leverage Twitter, the fact is that you need to build a following... a task that is particularly difficult for fledgling users. In fact, earlier today, TechCrunch reported that 80 Percent Of Accounts Have Fewer Than 10 Followers.

Widgetbox is introducing a new pilot program to help you utilize Twitter as part of your social media / user acquisition strategy. Based on the chosen package, Widgetbox will:

- build you a custom Twitter widget - build your Twitter following (either by 1,000, 5,000 or 10,000 followers) - promote and distribute your widget

Widgetbox can help users and brands either grow their Twitter campaigns OR launch / create their strategies. In either approach, letting Widgetbox grow your Twitter presence will make your marketing efforts more effective and allow you to consistently and more easily grow your following.

The three packages are below. You can contact me directly to get started (rspoon at See more on Widgetbox here.

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