Facebook unveiled a relatively significant enhancement to their targeting and Ads platform... that, for some reason, has gone relatively unnoticed. Facebook now allows advertisers to target users that have engaged with your pages, applications, events and/or groups:

We've released new ad targeting capabilities built specifically for our developer community. Developers can now target ads to users who have never visited their applications to tap into new growth areas in Facebook's social graph. They can also target existing users of their applications to encourage repeat visits. More from Facebook's Justin Osofsky


Facebook's new targeting options are a powerful way to:

- drive distribution of new or existing content (Fan Pages, applications, etc) - deliver coupons or offers for in-application activity (ie Zynga's Mafia Wars) - activity / proximity based targeting (until this, Facebook only allowed demographic based targeting) - convert users into Facebook Fans - conduct user polling - and, for Facebook, capture advertising dollars from developers