Starbucks was named the "Most Engaged Global Brand" in Charlene Li's ENGAGEMENTdb study. I have written about Starbucks as a leading example of Facebook marketing ("A Lesson in Facebook Marketing and Engagement") - this document is helpful because it reveals Starbucks though process, team organization (six people with centralized focuses) and viral data:

“Recently, we found that for every four people that interacted with a particular news item, another three people are added virally as friends of those people.” Just to put it in perspective, the announcement of the mini-Starbucks card on Facebook drew 1,406 comments and 12,382 people “liking” the post so that it showed up in their news feed. Facebook is not only about messaging to the 3.5 million fans, but also allowing the fans to talk with each other about their love for the product and experience.

Contrast that to where one person responds to inquiries, such as replacement blades for coffee grinders, or even questions from baristas about changes in the menu. With 250,000+ followers, Starbucks uses Twitter as an “in the moment” channel to deliver timely customer support and spread word about the latest breaking news and contests.

Other great brands to follow / study: - Zappos - Dunkin Donuts (my favorite Facebook brand) - Amazon - Jetblue (Southwest and Virgin are also good) - Redbull

ENGAGEMENTdb: Most Engaged Brands On Social Media -