Golfers have two consistent pains: - determining the distance to the pin and measuring the length of your last shot - capturing data to analyze and improve your game

Golfers solved these needs respectively by purchasing expensive equipment and scratching / compiling notes on the scorecard. Enter the iPhone, which you already carry in your cart and is already equipped with GPS. And enter Golfshot, an application that costs $29.99 and has data about 15,000+ golf courses across the US.

golfshot scorescard specifics Golfshot is as simple or complex as you want it to be - which is appropriate for golf: for instance, golfers can measure the distance to the pin or track the distance of every shot (even storing that data by club). The more data you enter (and it's easy to do - simple a swipe or button press), the more advanced the application's charting and measurement system becomes.

The charting system effectively becomes Google Analytics for your round and your season. Collect data on putts, greens in regulation, driving accuracy, distances, etc both in the app or online. The charts are presented in good-looking layers and can be sorted / diced in the same way that your marketing dashboard can be.

golfshot html5 stats

The simplest and most useful feature is the online scorecard. It syncs directly with your address book and then automatically delivers the digital scorecard to each golfer. Those scorecards are accessible online and you can annotate them at any point (during or after the round).

golfshot scorecard

The app costs $29.99 - which is far cheaper than the $250-$500 golf GPS systems that only measure distances. Golfshot is now the #11 grossing iPhone App according to iTunes (ahead and behind the games Scrabble and Uno):

golf shot highest grossing apps