Congratulations to JibJab who is the 8th gainer this week on InsideFacebook's Top Facebook App Gainers. JibJab's new Monster Mash Sendable has become a Haloween hit. Yesterday, they announced 5,000,000 views - it was announced on October 6th on Facebook. JibJab does a terrific job of using Facebook Connect to help publish stories and, most excitingly, to pull photos from your friends that can be inserted directly into the JibJab cards. Once you create your card, you can then publish it back out to those same friends using Facebook Connect. It's a terrific integration that makes the user experience more efficient and social - and the sharing experience more effective (both for the creators, recipients and JibJab).

Note: You can become a fan of JibJab on Facebook here.

JibJab Enters InsideFacebook's Top Facebook Apps

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A screenshot of publishing my Monster Mash card through Facebook Connect and into the Facebook Feed:

jibjab in feed video

My JibJab Monster Mash video - using a collection of sports stars. Can you name them?

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