I wrote this on Twitter and Facebook last night - but yesterday was a very full day of news across a variety of tech space: mobile, social media, advertising, gadgets, etc. Here are a few of the important and interesting headlines from a very active day (articles are on the clickthrough):

Facebook's Platform Changes - D-Day For Facebook App Developers (TechCrunch) - First Screenshots of Facebook Platform Changes (InsideFacebook) - Our Complete Rundown of Facebook’s Massive Platform Changes (InsideFacebook)

Google's Musical Announcement - Making search more musical (The Official Google Blog)

Droid is a Week Away - Hello Humans: Droid By Motorola Arrives Next Week (Verizon) - Motorola DROID official on Verizon: $199 on contract, coming November 6th (video) (Engadget)

iPhone Moving Beyond AT&T? - Apple predicted to sacrifice ‘sweetheart’ AT&T deal for Verizon (AppleInsider)

Google Announces Turn by Turn Navigation - Announcing Google Maps Navigation for Android 2.0 (The Official Google Blog) - Google’s New Mobile App Cuts GPS Nav Companies At The Knees (TechCrunch)

Brizzly Adds Facebook Integration - Brizzly Gets A New Coat: Facebook (TechCrunch)

Pandora Also Adds Facebook Integration - Share Pandora with Your Friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Beyond (Pandora)

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