On the heels of last night's post about the most wished for laptops and how they differ from the bestselling items, Amazon released a statement on the success of the Kindle (conveniently timed with Cyber Monday):

Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN - News) today announced that November is already the best sales month ever for Kindle, even before Cyber Monday. Kindle continues to be the most wished for, the most gifted, and the #1 bestselling product across all product categories on Amazon. full release on Yahoo Finance

That is very impressive: a single product is the most desired, most gifted and most purchased item... and in some ways it debunks precisely what I wrote last night: there is a gap between what consumers want most and what they realistically purchase.

But in other ways, it proves that the gap between desire and reality is affected by price: whereas the most wished for laptops are 2-3x as expensive as the most purchased, the Kindle is at a relatively affordable price point of $259.