Dogpatch Labs resident FanPulse launched their closed Beta this past week and delivered some terrific photos of the lab and their celebratory event. If you are interested in being a beta user, email the team here:

FanPulse welcomes you to your world of sports. The FanPulse iPhone app (coming January 2010) is the place to follow the sports, teams and players you care about, and talk about them with your real friends. FanPulse lets you celebrate big plays, trash-talk your friends, tell everyone what game you’re watching, and stay up to date on the teams, games and friends you care about. Finally, a sports-service that simply lets you follow the sports you love and talk about them with your real friends.

These great photos were taken by Art Chang, a lead developer at FanPulse (and a good friend from his Yardbarker and RailsRumble days). He is also a terrific photographer (as you can tell):

art and joe small