This is my last short Facebook post of the day... and it is also speculative as it is based on the fact that this is the first time I have seen behavior like this on my account. Facebook was the most visited site in the US over Christmas, and that size enables them to test different formats and features to various segments. Below is a screen shot of a Facebook "Note" from Alex Schultz. You will notice that the image is full size and fully integrated into the Facebook Feed. Normally, at least in my experience, notes appear with similar formatting as normal links: a small image on the left and the content blurb to the right. Here, the image is very large and the blurb is beneath. This could suggest that Facebook is working to put more effort and promotion behind the Notes product - either as an on-Facebook blogging-like tool and/or deeper integration for page owners. Either way, it certainly stands out and warrants attention for 'publishers'... who will race to get attention of their users. As an active Facebook user, Notes user and blogger, I certainly noticed it!