Aggressive ad campaign by SoBe Lifewater on that takes over almost all of the visible screen... but it is clever and unique enough that I can stomach the takeover (at least once or twice). The ad is meant to promote the upcoming Sports Illustrated Swimsuit magazine with a: - integrated campaign of the swimsuit model holding a SoBe Lifewater - a rich video preview of the 2010 swimsuit magazine - a promotion of the upcoming website launch (models, videos, photographs, etc) - a promotion for the Lifewater Facebook sweepstakes: ... oh yeah, there is a new drink to promote: SoBe's new zero calorie flavors that are spilling over the screen (and the videos, photos, etc). There is so much going on in the campaign that it is both interesting / exciting and overwhelming. That said - and despite the commotion - the two major takeaways are clear: SoBe's branding and the upcoming swimsuit magazine. If you make it through the messaging, you might also get to the a third takeaway: SoBe's zero calorie drinks are supposedly "slimming".