As TechCrunch reported last night, Netflix was down for at least an hour. I noticed it while using my Netflix account and, while it was a slight annoyance, I was more struck by their unique downtime message. It was one part informational, one part support and, most surprisingly, one part marketing:

I understand the importance of having the three following messages: 1. the site is 'unavailable' 2. shipping centers are 'available' and functioning 3. Here is the support number, should you need it

But in front of these ordinary messages, was a marketing blurb reminiscent of a Netflix AdWords ad:

DVD rentals delivered to your home - plans from only $4.99 a month! No late fees - ever! Fast and free shipping both ways. FREE Trial.

It is a strange message to deliver. Particularly language like: "FREE Trial." ... which are not particularly relevant considering the circumstance.